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Finally, you can have your sticker and buy it too with Amazon’s odd new feature

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Imitation has become common between social media networks, but now even Amazon is taking a nod from popular networking apps. The retailer launched an update on Tuesday that integrates camera stickers, only instead of sharing funny photos with friends, those stickers are designed for online shopping.

The feature adds another mode to the iOS app’s camera, which also allows users to shop using computer vision to ID the items in the shot, much like Pinterest’s beta version of Lens and Google’s version of the same name launched last week.  Much like stickers inside social media apps, the new feature allows users to place stickers in the live scene using the view from the camera, then tapping to save the image.

But unlike social stickers, Amazon’s version includes actual products, which of course you can buy by clicking on the ‘i’ info icon above the sticker. From finding new decor for your desk to adding Legos to any scene, the new feature allows users to drag and drop stickers, then resize. Taking a photo saves the image or you can send to a friend via text, email or social media.

While the feature easily belongs to social, stickers in a retail environment are rather unusual. While you can snap a photo of what different decor would look like in the room, it is more for fun than a realistic representation, with the characteristic white sticker border around the edges and no way to tilt the sticker, just resize.

The odd feature means that iOS users can now add stickers of GoPros, dinosaur-shaped cell phone stands or a sticky note holder that looks like a toaster and share then on social media or send to friends. Stickers are arranged in several different categories from home to little kids, no doubt designed to encourage browsing Amazon products that you never knew existed, like a replica of Genie’s lamp from Aladdin.

The feature, for now, appears to be only available for iOS users but joins the app’s list of camera modes, which also include the more useful ability to scan packages or search by barcode.

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The systen on a chip in question here is the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip that is less than a year old and was first found doing duty on the Realme 8 5G, which launched last April. This is a reasonably efficient chip based on a 7nm manufacturing process and is more than capable of handling daily tasks without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, the phone ships with just 64GB of internal storage (of which only 43GB is usable) with no mention of a 128GB option. Thankfully, you do get the option to slot in a microSD card and expand the storage capacity to 512GB.

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