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Amazon doubles Kindle Paperwhite storage, now holds 2,000 books

Kindle Paperwhite
While Amazon hasn’t introduced an entire overhaul to the Kindle Paperwhite this year, the retail giant did quietly upgrade the internal memory within the device from 2GB to 4GB as of late. If a Kindle Paperwhite was purchased in the last 30 days or so, the upgraded memory should be included in the hardware. First spotted by The Digital Reader, this means readers will be able to store approximately 2,000 books on the Paperwhite instead of the original 1,000 figure.

However, there’s no slot on the previous Kindle Paperwhite for inserting an external memory card. This means that anyone will the older model would have to sell their device on a service like eBay prior to purchasing the new version. This is still the second generation of the Paperwhite e-reader. The original Paperwhite was released during 2012, but the Paperwhite 2 launched at the end of last year. The revised hardware included a slightly faster processor and a higher resolution display. The Paperwhite 2 also included new software features such as a vocabulary builder for learning new words and Kindle Freetime for managing a child’s allotted usage time.

Of course, Amazon may still release a revised version of the Paperwhite hardware this year along with new versions of the Kindle tablets as well as the original Kindle e-reader. If history repeats itself, Amazon will announce revamped versions of those devices during September. The Kindle Fire HDX was announced during late September 2013 and the Kindle Fire HD was announced during early September 2012. However, the 7-inch version of those devices were not available until mid-November and the 8.9-inch version of the HDX wasn’t available until mid-December 2013.

Amazon is also attempting to bundle the recently released Local Register credit card swipe device with Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Oddly enough, Amazon doesn’t list the Fire smartphone as a compatible device. Instead, Amazon chose to support popular Apple and Samsung devices at launch.

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