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Amazon brings color and more storage to its $50 Fire tablet

Amazon Fire
Amazon is offering new color and storage options to reignite sales of its Fire tablet.

You can now grab the $50 tablet in magenta, blue, tangerine, and of course the black variant is still available. There’s also a more reasonable 16GB variant of the Fire, but you’ll have to cough up an additional $20 for it, as it costs $70.

Similar color options have also been available for Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet, which debuted alongside the Fire HD 10, and the $50 Fire late last year.

The Fire Kids Edition is also getting a new color addition for its “kid-proof case,” which already comes in pink and blue. Now, you can grab the case in a bright green as well, and if you want more storage, Amazon has added a 16 GB option like it did for the Fire tablet. The 16GB variant, again, costs an additional $20, so you’ll be paying $120, whereas the Fire Kids Edition 8GB tablet will still cost $100.

Fire Kids Edition

Amazon’s Fire tablets sparked some anger last month as Amazon removed encryption in the Fire OS 5 update. Amazon backtracked quickly and said it would bring back full-disk encryption soon, in the spring. We have reached out for an update.

Last week, Amazon unveiled an all new ebook reader, the Kindle Oasis. Kicking off the eighth generation of Kindles, the Oasis mostly improves on design and internals, but it now has a built in accelerometer to quickly identify which way you are holding the tablet, so it can automatically rotate the page and match the page-turn buttons. The Oasis is a lot more pricier than previous Kindles, though, as it comes with a leather case that doubles as a battery extension.

You can pre-order the colorful Fire tablets now, and Amazon will start shipping them on April 28. The Kindle Oasis will start shipping out a day earlier, on April 27.

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