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Amazon offering Verizon Droid line for pocket change – literally

Droid - penniesAnd you thought pennies were useless. Turns out they can get you one of the most popular smartphones on the market. AmazonWireless is currently selling the entire Verizon Droid line for one cent, provided you’re willing to sign a two-year contract with the carrier. On top of that, you’ll be gifted the full $35 activation fee.

Okay, but what if you already have Verizon Wireless? Too bad, the deal only applies for newly signed customers. If you’re eligible for an upgrade though, there’s a consolation prize of a pretty hefty discount.

But Boy Genius Report claims that Best Buy will have the Droid Pro available for $100, about $80 less than Verizon’s in-store offer. And it’s not a rebate-required deal, you just get to hand over your $99.99, sign a two-year agreement, and walk out the door with your phone.

It’s smart to be skeptical about deals like this – the ones that seem too good to be true. But this isn’t new territory for Amazon, since the online shopping giant held a similar sale this summer when it priced the Samsung Vibrant at a penny. Last week, it had Windows 7 phones with AT&T contracts at the same price. We went over the fine print (you’ll be encouraged to hear there isn’t much) and it reads like your average cell phone plan and offers standard priced individual and family plan rates.

You’ve only got three more days to take advantage of the discount, and be forewarned this one is likely to sell out fast.

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