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Want free Wi-Fi access for six months? Download Boingo's app via Amazon Underground

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Do you have Amazon Underground installed? You’ll now be able to browse the web for free via any Boingo Wi-Fi hot spot for the next few months.

Underground is a service the retail giant launched last year to provide a space where all Android apps were free — and by free, that means no in-app purchases as well. Downloading it is a little tricky, since Google doesn’t allow the service or Amazon’s App Store to be downloadable from the Play Store. You need to head to and follow the on-screen instructions from your Android device to be able to download the service.

Amazon is able to offer certain apps for free because it has struck deals with developers, and is paying them for by-the-minute usage of the app. The more people use their apps, the more the developers get paid — as long as the app has been downloaded via Amazon Underground. And so it makes sense that the company has now partnered with Boingo and is offering free access to its Wi-Fi hot spots if you download Boingo’s Wi-Finder app via Amazon Underground.

Downloading the app means you’ll get a six-month subscription to Boingo’s Wi-Fi hot spots, which are typically littered across many airports and hotels around the country. If you’re a frequent traveler, this deal may come in handy considering Boingo typically only offers a half an hour of free internet access before you have to jump to a paid tier.

You don’t have to do anything after downloading the app, but choose wisely before you do — the deal ends on December 31, 2016, and your six-month subscription begins whenever the app is downloaded from Underground during that time.

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