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Apple iPad App Store Opens, Sticker Shock Ensues

Come one, come all, the iPad app store is now open for business.

Although only about eight people in the world outside Apple now claim to the device, Apple has thrown open the doors to its iPad app store via iTunes. A toggle switch on the main page of the app store now allows users to browse features iPad apps, and searching “for iPad” or “HD” reveals hundreds more.

(Click here for a complete list that will open within iTunes.)

So far, the selection includes a number of notable iPhone ports, including games like Scrabble, Fieldrunners and Flight Control, as well as applications like Shazam, Brushes, and eBay.

But be prepared for sticker shock. Developers appear to be charging roughly double what they charge for the same games on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Scrabble for iPad goes for $9.99 while the original goes for $2.99. Labyrinth 2 HD goes for $7.99 while the regular version goes for $4.99. Fieldrunners for iPad hits $7.99, the regular version still sells for $2.99.

Because apps have a tendency to drop in price and go on sale over time, the iPad app ecosystem could still look – in the long run – a lot like the bargain basement app store we know and love. However, come April 3, new iPad owners will pay a premium to be the first to play with this new batch of digital goodies

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