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New Apple News section lets you stay updated on all things Olympics

If you’re looking to follow all the action throughout the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Apple News just may be the place for you to go. The iEmpire is looking to up its game, so to speak, when it comes to sports news by partnering with NBC Olympics to present a dedicated Winter Olympics section in its news feed. So now, if you scroll to the “For You” section of Apple News, you’ll see a selection of videos, articles, and infographics from a number of sources, all dedicated to the latest and greatest happenings in PyeongChang, South Korea.

But because this is Apple, it’s obviously not stopping at just delivering your news content. The new dedicated portal will also feature a planner that can help you determine when you need to plant yourself in front of a television (or computer or mobile device) screen to catch your favorite events. And if there are too many to remember, you can also add events directly to your calendar from Apple News. If you’re interested in keeping up with medal counts, you can do that through the app, and every morning, you’ll be able to check out a roundup of events and updates.

You can also watch clips from events directly within the Apple News app. If you want to watch live-streams, you can find links in Apple News, but will be redirected to the NBC Sports app for viewing.

It’s no surprise that Apple News has beefed up its Olympic offerings considering that rival Google recently debuted its own coverage plan for the games. With VR features, the help of Google Assistant, and a new “sports” category in Google Earth Voyager, fans will have plenty of ways to stay in the know (even if they can’t stay in the snow) these next couple weeks.

One thing that is slightly unclear is how well the Apple News portal will work in countries other than the U.S. After all, NBC coverage rights don’t extend internationally, so unless other partners are involved, it may be the case that you can only take advantage of Apple’s curated coverage from within the states. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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