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Apple offers free next-day shipping on all iPhones


Today, Apple announced that it will be offering free next-day shipping on all of its iPhone models for an unspecified amount of time when ordered through its online store. While most people could just as easily hit up an Apple store and come home with the phone same day, this option is much easier for those of us that enjoy shopping from the comforts of our couch. (Not to mention, there’s the option to choose from one of the refurbished phones Apple almost always has in stock.)

We’re not sure what exactly the reason for this offer is. Apple has been known to offer free next-day shipping before in the past, but it typically happens around the holiday season. The folks at Ubergizmo suggest that, since rumors of a new iPhone coming out in the very near future, it could be Apple’s way of getting additional attention before the big announcement.

We can’t help but wonder if it’s actually in response to the recent announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone has gotten a lot of praise from the tech industry, so this offer could be Apple’s way of trying to get devices into users’ hands before they have a chance to decide they want to give the S4 a shot.

The offer is limited to two phones per customer. So if you’re in the market for new phone, want it to be the iPhone, and can’t be bothered to leave the house, take advantage. Since there’s no information as to how long this will last, it could come down any day.

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