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Apple could launch a high-powered Apple Watch SE in 2021

A lower-cost Apple Watch could be on the way. According to Twitter leaker Komiya, the company could be prepping an Apple Watch SE that would feature lower-cost parts and a slightly dated design, but with the same awesome software experience and Apple integration that customers love from the current-generation Apple Watch models.

According to the leak, the device will essentially replace the Apple Watch Series 3 on Apple’s current roster. Despite the fact that the Apple Watch is up to the Series 5, Apple still sells the Series 3 for those who want an Apple Watch at a relatively affordable price.

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On the iPhone, the “SE” branding essentially means you’re getting Apple’s latest and greatest processor in the body of an older device — and that looks to remain true for the Apple Watch. According to the leak, the device will have a design that’s similar to the Apple Watch Series 3, but with a new S6 processor — which is a processor that won’t be released until the Apple Watch Series 6 comes out. It will also offer 16GB of storage, Bluetooth 5.0, and an option for cellular models.

Of course, the Apple Watch SE will likely lack some of the premium features on offer by the more recent Apple Watch models. For example, while it will certainly offer fitness tracking, the budget Apple Watch probably won’t have the ECG tracking found in the Series 4 and later. And, it probably won’t have the always-on display that can be found in the Apple Watch Series 5. These features will likely be reserved for those that can pay a little more cash for the higher-end devices.

There may be one other limitation. According to Komiya, the Apple Watch SE will only be available in a 42mm model, so you won’t be able to get a smaller model, unless you go for the 40mm Series 5.

According to the leak, the new Apple Watch SE will be available in March 2021 and will come at the same price as the Apple Watch Series 3. That will represent pretty good value — essentially you’ll pay the same price for a more powerful device, even if it offers the same overall design and features.

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