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The best digital signing apps for iOS and Android

Increasingly, we are asked to sign forms online, but signing a digital document can get tricky. Digital signature apps bypass the tiresome print-sign-scan cycle of signing digital documents and allow you to quickly and easily put digital pen to digital paper, signing online documents with your name, a preset signature, or whatever scrawl you can manage on your phone, tablet, or laptop touchscreen.

Digital signature apps are great timesavers because any important agreements you get in your inbox can be digitally signed and returned by email. Digital signature apps are not something you use every day, but they do come in handy when the occasion arrives. Whether you keep it on your device all the time or just install it when needed, here are some of the best digital signing apps for iOS and Android.

Adobe Fill & Sign

If you need an Adobe-certified app to sign your document, then Adobe Fill & Sign is the best one out there. Signing a document is easy — just create a custom signature on your touchscreen with a finger or stylus, then tap to apply it — or your initial — to a form. Then you can easily share the finished PDF from inside the app. There’s no landscape view and the app doesn’t allow you to easily save a local copy of the document. Still, it is Adobe’s best document signing app, and likely the most popular among businesses. The newest versions let you sign in with social accounts like Facebook, Google, and Apple and sign in using two-factor authentication.


Downloaded by over 6 million users, SignEasy serves many different types of professionals. The app allows you to fill out and sign paperwork while out of the office, request specific documents from email contacts, and draw your own unique signature on the screen. You can also sign documents from within apps like Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive. If you’re using an iPhone X or later, you can use Face ID to secure your signature. Only your first three documents are free, though. After that, it will cost you a subscription of at least $8 per month. It also supports Apple features, including Dark Mode and multi-window support in iPadOS. Updated versions of the app let you import your document, by tapping, SignEasy. You can sign, request signatures from others, and more after importing the document. You can open documents on your iPhone or iPad from Files, Mail, or any other app.


DocuSign offers unlimited free document signing with no monthly limit. You can share to email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more services, it is compliant with the eSign Act, and it allows you to create your own custom signature. It’s not the most user-friendly of apps, but once you get a handle on it, it’s easy to use. Inbox search lets you quickly find any agreement amd logins support managed work devices and auto-fill to streamline mobile app use. Managing agreements are easy on the mobile app in that you can filter for important documents by date or status from the DocuSign eSignature app and use your Apple Pencil for real time signatures. Newer versions feature Search in the Inbox tab – allowing you to quickly find any agreement, anywhere, anytime. Login enhancements support managed work devices and auto fill to streamline usage. For new mobile users, getting started is easier with newly designed coach marks to walk you through tagging documents for electronic signature.


A tempting option for enterprise users, SignNow is best if you spring to unlock the full-featured version, which offers unlimited signing, a Kiosk Mode, web app, and support for multiple users, among other benefits. Those features are available for a a variety of per month subscription charges. If you only need a couple of documents signed per month, SignNow’s offline mode, templates, and other free features are hard to ignore. The app boasts a new and improved document uploader and lets you return to unfinished documents by saving your progress as a draft. You can also add iOS widgets to your Home Screen and keep your documents handy and sign document groups faster by combining multiple documents.


PDFfiller is an app for editing and altering PDF files, allowing you to edit, redact, and otherwise change PDFs. The app’s Signature Wizard is what you need if you want to sign a document, and it allows you to place a signature box anywhere and insert an auto-generated signature based on your name, or drawn with your finger. You can even upload a scanned version of your own signature. Updates to the app include an improved Audit Trail that lets you view a detailed record of all changes and actions in your account. If you con’t have the PDF you need, you can now find it in pdfFiller’s online library of fillable forms. Just click Find PDF and browse You can now send your documents for signing even faster with the updated SendToSign, a component that adapts to smartphone screens, to make quick work of collecting signatures.


DottedSign lets you sign an unlimited number of documents and send up to three requests a month with its free version. You can import documents from Dropbox, OneDrive, and a host of other apps. You’ll need to spring for the Pro subscription at $10 per month or $60 per year to unlock features like reusable templates and unlimited signature requests. With newer versions, you get reusable templates, preset signers, and attachment uploads. You can also request attachments from signers, such as a copy of an ID card. You can also specify whether a field is required or optional for signers and designate that signers fill in the date at a specific period of time.

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