Best emoji keyboards for iOS and Android

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Gone are the days when simple words were enough to communicate our thoughts and feelings. The 21st century has given rise to a new form of communication — the humble emoji. Most major keyboards for both Android and iOS feature built-in support for emojis, but that doesn’t mean they present them front and center.

If you’re looking for a keyboard to truly satisfy your emoji-typing needs, then you may need something more substantial. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best emoji keyboards out there. Conveying your emotions via text has never been easier.



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Emoji> is one of the most popular emoji keyboards out there, and for good reason. The app recently reached 50 million downloads, and is perfect for those looking for a way to up their emoji game. There are a ton of emoji you can use through the keyboard, and they’re split into different categories, making it easy to find the emoji you like best. The keyboard also offers animated stickers, and the ability to set up emoji as “favorites,” so you can access them at a moment’s notice without having to take the time to search for the ones you want.



best emoji keyboards swiftkey

Swiftkey may not be a emoji keyboard per se, but it is the next best thing — an excellent keyboard that comes pre-loaded with hundreds of emoji for you to use. Swiftkey is known as one of the better keyboard apps out there, namely because of its excellent predictive typing, which can also be applied to emoji use. When you type a word or phrase, for example, the app suggests emojis that you can quickly tap on to use.


Slash Keyboard

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Slash Keyboard is another keyboard that’s not exclusive to emojis, but it does have a ton of emoji support. For starters, the keyboard allows users to share songs, files, and more from connected apps. It also allows you to search through a robust catalog of emojis, GIFs, and stickers. Because of this, you won’t have to wade through hundreds of emojis to find the one you want — just search for the term in question and it should pop up.


Minuum ($4)

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Minuum has been around for some time, and it offers relatively strong autocorrect options, word prediction, and more. Not only that, but the keyboard is being billed as one of the best for typing with one hand, making it suitable for larger phones. One of its best new features, however, is smart emoji, which predicts the emoji it thinks you’ll want to use based on the message you’re typing. The app also learns how you type, meaning said predictions should get better as you keep using the app. The $4 price tag is a little steep for a keyboard like this, but if you find that it works well for you, it may be worth the cash.



AI. Type

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As the name suggests, AI. Type is built around artificial intelligence, and it’s aimed at helping people type both better and faster. It also lets you customize the keyboard to better suit your needs, allowing you to change the keyboard’s layout, theme, colors, and so on. This means you can put emojis front and center, and choose from a massive catalog of more than 1,000. Like many other keyboard apps, the keyboard can also suggest emojis based on what you type.


Touchpal Emoji Keyboard

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Here’s a keyboard specifically designed to help you access emojis. The keyboard helps you quickly choose from more than 1,000 emojis, GIFs, and emoticons, and it supports customizable themes and text prediction. Moreover, the keyboard makes it easy to install extra emoji packs, and supports more 150 languages.



best emoji keyboards fleksy

Looking to introduce a little more animation to your typing habit? Fleksy could be the keyboard for you. Billed as being the “most fun, customizable way to type,” Fleksy supports a range of extensions, allowing you to add new features as you see fit simply by installing some extra software. Perhaps the coolest thing about Fleksy is how easy it is to access emoji. You’ll be able to scroll through dozens of emoji in each category, and categories can be switched with the tap of a button at the bottom of the keyboard. As is the case with many other keyboards, you can also install themes.


Go Keyboard

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Go Keyboard is another customizable Android keyboard, one that lets you put emojis, emoticons, stickers, and GIFs front and center. The app turns text into emoji and emoticons, and you can choose from more than 800 emojis and stickers for free. While some argue that Go Keyboard is a little too bloated, it still comes with a ton of great features. It also supports more than 60 languages, so if you speak languages other than English, Go has you covered. You can even type with gestures and different fonts.


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