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Calorie counters and exercise gamification

Nutrition and calorie counters

Whether you’re trying to count calories, buy healthier groceries, or figure out how much fat was in that Big Mac you just inhaled, these apps will get the job done.

Lose it! (free)

lose-it fitness apps for Android

Lose it! tracks your food intake and fitness activities in a similar fashion to budget-planning apps such as Level and Mint. You simply enter your height, weight, age, and how much weight you’re attempting to lose, before the app constructs a recommended calorie budget based on your diet and exercise. Its robust wearable integration is an added plus.

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Fooducate (free)


Fooducate is a great source for learning exactly what is in your food. Simply scan the barcode of any item you want to research, and the app will pull up nutritional facts and an overall grade, with a list of healthy alternatives to match. The app also helps you avoid the hard-to-notice trans fat and high sugar content in products — which is never a bad thing in today’s world.

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Lifesum (free)

lifesum fitness apps for Android

Lifesum is a weight-loss app that works alongside apps from the likes of Withings and RunKeeper, giving you an accurate assessment of your daily calorie intake so you can strive toward your established goals. The app even features a built-in barcode scanner designed to pull up nutritional data on millions of items, whether you prefer apples, oranges, or omelets.

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MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter (free)

calorie-counter-myfitnesspal fitness apps for Android

Looking to manage the number of calories you take in versus the number you actually use? MyFitnessPal takes things such as your height and weight into consideration, allowing you to see how many calories you actually need. Then, you can search from the app’s huge database of foods to tweak your diet based on how much you need.

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Exercise gamification

If part of the reason you never work out is simply because you don’t think exercise is fun, consider trying out the following apps.

The Walk (free)

the-walk fitness apps for Android

Doctors agree that spending 30 minutes a day walking can greatly improve your overall health. Six to Start Studio’s app encourages just that, prompting you to get moving throughout the course of 51 episodes, 800 minutes of audio, and hundreds of miles. The story revolves around the aftermath of a bomb explosion in the U.K., but you can partake nearly anywhere you can walk.

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7 Minute Superhero Workout ($3)

7-minute-superhero fitness apps for Android

You’re the pilot of Aegis, a battleship tasked with saving the world from alien invaders by engaging in “killer” core and bicep workouts. Saving the world from the impending invasion essentially means you must complete a series of seven-minute workouts, which rely on your ability to perform an onslaught of crunches and air punches a la Rocky.

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Google Fit (free)

google-fit fitness apps for Android

Although not a game, per se, Google’s comprehensive fitness app lets you track steps, distance, and pace with ease. It also quickly distinguishes between running, walking, and cycling, with the option to set recommended goals and sync with an array of other fitness apps to display all your biometric data in one place. The minimalist interface looks great, too.

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Of course, fitness apps can be the start or the end of your fitness regime. If you’re also looking for accessories to help your fitness, our list of the best fitness trackers is for you. And a lot of the time, smartwatches have fitness tracking built in too, so why not get all the benefits of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker with our guide on the best smartwatches? Or take a break from your fitness routine with our favorite Android apps and Android games.

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