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Best Honor 7X cases to keep your budget phone beautiful

honor 7x review in hand full best honor 7x cases
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
The Honor 7X is Honor‘s latest budget phone, and it’s a beauty. With an awesome looking 18:9 aspect ratio display, the Honor 7X gives the budget market its very first bezel-less design, and thanks to the Kirin processor inside, it’s no slouch in the power department either. But despite that, it’s just as vulnerable to damage as any other budget smartphone. So what you really need is a way to protect it from harm. Luckily for you, we put together a list of the best Honor 7X cases you can buy right now.

TopAce Ultra-Thin Clear Case ($8)

topace best honor 7x cases

Clear cases are amongst the cheapest and simplest ways you can protect your phone — and this case from TopAce is no exception. It’s made from durable and flexible TPU, and while it won’t be fully shockproof, the soft material will absorb some of any impact directed against your phone. It also affords extra grip, and a series of dots on the back helps to stop bubbling underneath the cover. It’s fully clear, so you can still appreciate your budget beauty, and it’s thin, so you can easily forget it’s there. A great choice if you want something simple.

Vinve Electroplated Bumper Frame Case ($9)

vinve best honor 7x cases

How about a little more style? This clear case from Vinve is thin, strong, and flexible, and affords many of the same benefits that you’ll get from a clear gel case. What sets this case apart are the slim metal bumpers at the top and bottom of the case. These extend over the top and bottom, and wrap around the camera lenses and fingerprint scanner, ensuring hard protection for those vulnerable areas. It’s super thin and it feels great in the hand, affording extra grip for your phone.

Skmy TPU Glitter Case ($9)

Who says protection can’t also look good? Another TPU case, this glitter case from Skmy has a raised lip around the edges, ensuring that the camera’s lenses and the display don’t directly touch surfaces the phone is laid on, stopping grit and dirt from scratching them. It also has a double-layer design, so it’s extra protected against drop damage, thanks to the padding at the corners. The glitter inside the case moves freely as you use the phone, forming into new patterns every time you use it. Some could see it as being a little over the top, but it has a simple and elegant design that you should be proud to slap onto your phone.

E-Outfit TPU Bumper Drop Case ($8)

e outfit best honor 7x cases

We’re upping the protection again with this TPU bumper case from E-Outfit. Made from a tougher TPU than previous cases, this case affords even more protection against the hazards of daily life. Button covers keep those vulnerable areas safe, and the TPU has been finished with a special anti-slip material that should ensure you won’t be dropping your phone at any time. The corners of a phone are the areas most likely to hit the ground after a fall, so each of the corners has been specially reinforced to ensure maximum protection. With a sleek, understated style, it doesn’t look bad either.

Jiangtiao Anti-Slip Hard Case ($10)

After something a little thinner and not as soft? This anti-slip case from Jiangtiao is made from polycarbonate, which is a hard plastic. That makes the case tough and durable. While it’s not going to be as resistant to shocks as a TPU case, it’s lightweight and strong, and affords great protection against direct damage. It clips straight to your phone and the surface of the case has been treated to make it anti-slip, fingerprint-resistant, and dust-proof. Open areas at the top and bottom ensure you can always the access your phone’s features, and the simple black surface offers a cool style for your Honor 7X. A great buy for this price.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case ($13)

spigen best honor 7x cases

One of the most reliable names in device protection, Spigen has made a name for itself by offering fantastic cases at fantastic prices. This Rugged Armor is TPU at its finest; strong, flexible, and durable in equal measure. Spigen’s internal spiderweb pattern and Air Cushion technology help to cushion the corners against impacts and spread the force away from the device itself. Tactile covers keep the buttons safe and clean, and aid grip thanks to the textured feel, and a raised lip helps to keep the device from touching surfaces when laid down. Carbon fiber-style panels at the top and bottom lend the case a futuristic look, and result in a case that will keep your Honor 7X protected and look good while doing it.

Kugi Anti-Slip Grip Case ($8)

kugi best honor 7x cases

If any case has been built for maximum grip, then it’s probably this case from Kugi. Made from our old friend TPU, the case is a combination of hard TPU with a softer back TPU panel. The back panel has a leather-like texture and gives a soft feeling for your fingers to rest on that also helps to aid grip on your device. Each side of the case has special cutouts below and above the button covers which double-down on anti-slip. If it does still slip from your grasp, then the chunky TPU should be able to take a good amount of punishment, thanks to the strong corner protection.

J&D Tech RFID Blocking PU Leather Wallet Case ($10)

j and d best honor 7x cases

Stylish and protective, this wallet case from J&D Tech isn’t just interested in protecting your phone. Sandwiched between two layers of the durable PU leather sits a layer of RFID blocking material that protects the inner card slots from potential thieves looking to steal credit card details. An inner TPU casing holds your phone securely within the confines of the leather wallet, which folds around your phone to protect your display when not in use. This case also comes with a small lanyard you can use to keep hold of your phone when out and about, and the case’s cover even folds down into a handy stand for media-viewing on the go. With room for cards, cash, and your phone, this is the perfect case to replace a wallet or purse.

Yiakeng Protective Armor Case ($8)

yiakeng best honor 7x cases

Dual-layer cases use a combination of TPU and PC to achieve great protection in a variety of ways. This case from Yiakeng has a soft inner TPU core that absorbs impacts and cushions your Honor 7X, while the outer layer of PC clips around the TPU, and protects against more direct types of damage. The hard ridges on the PC section and the pattern on the TPU aids grip and imparts a rugged style to the case, perfect for trips outdoors and hiking. Best of all, it comes with a built-in kickstand that you can use to watch movies, check out pictures, or simply keep your notifications visible on your desk.

DayJoy Aluminum Shield Case ($25)

dayjoy best honor 7x cases

Here’s something more than a little different. This case from DayJoy is an oddity on this list, as it’s made from metal. With a look that’s reminiscent of the love-child of a shuriken and a multi-tool, it’s almost certainly not for everyone. You would expect this case to be extremely heavy, since it’s made out of metal, and while it’s certainly heavier than the other cases on this list, the premium aerospace aluminum used in construction is lighter than it looks and it’s extremely strong. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and we imagine that getting it out of pockets in a hurry could be a struggle –but if you want something truly, truly unique, then you came to exactly the right place.

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