The best Google Pixel 2 XL cases and covers for protection and style

Google’s latest and greatest smartphone, the Pixel 2 XL, sports a stunning 6-inch screen set into an aluminum body with that signature glass inlay on the back. It’s a stylish look, but if you want to avoid chips and dings in the metal and scratches and cracks in the glass, then you better get some protection. These are our picks of the best Google Pixel 2 XL cases so far. You may also want to check out the best Pixel 2 XL screen protectors.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case ($35)

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case

If your top priority is drop protection, then we can heartily recommend the SolidSuit from RhonoShield. It guards against drop damage from falls of up to 11 feet. The smooth, matte body extends to protect your Pixel 2 XL from every angle and there’s a carbon fiber finish on the back to provide a flourish of style, though you can also get it in plain black if you prefer. The cutouts are perfect, the button covers have a satisfying action, and it’s a comfortable case in hand. The fit is very tight, so it can be tough to take off in a hurry. Pair this case with a screen protector and your Pixel 2 XL will be handle anything life throws at it.

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Amazon  RhinoShield

Diztronic TPU Case ($10)

Diztronic TPU case

A lot of phone cases are a bit on the fussy side, but this basic TPU offering from Diztronic is as simple as they come. It’s a black matte case with a slightly textured finish that enhances grip and doesn’t pick up finger smudges easily. The openings are precise and the button covers are responsive. A lip extends around the screen to protect it if you lay it face down. The only real detail to speak of is a subtle, inlaid gloss logo on the side. If you want something cheap for basic protection you can’t go wrong with this case.

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Peel Ultra-Thin Case ($25)

Peel’s ultra-thin cases should definitely be on your radar if you’re not a fan of big, bulky cases. Basically the people who started doing ultra-slim cases right, Peel’s options are just 0.35mm thick, making them exceptionally thin while still offering some protection. This case is really minimal, with no other branding from the case maker; because it’s so thin, Google’s logo will still show through the material. You should keep in mind that this case isn’t going to protect your phone from serious drops and bashes, but if you hate being reminded you have a case on, Peel can provide some peace of mind from scratches and everyday wear and tear.

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Totallee Super Light Thin Case ($15)

What’s that? You want something even thinner? A case surprisingly exists. Totallee’s Pixel 2 XL case is perhaps the thinnest we’ve ever tested, walking the fine line between being a case and just being a skin. It’s 0.02 inches thin, to be exact, so it’s easily the best case for purists who don’t want to dilute their experience. As we mentioned with Peel, Totallee’s case won’t do much against any kind of drop or serious damage; this is wear-and-tear resistant only, unfortunately. It’s also a tad slippery, but it has accurate cut outs for the power and volume buttons. You also get a two-year warranty on the case.

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Tech21 Evo Check Case ($45)

Tech21 Evo Check Case

You may feel that this case is a bit chunky, but that triple layer bumper is the secret to 10-foot drop protection that you can count on. The translucent back comes in clear or tinted varieties and sports a check pattern, but Google’s design still shines through. The button covers are well-defined and easy to use without looking, and the openings you need for camera, port, and sensor are all present and correct.

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Noreve Tradition B Leather Case ($56)

Noreve Tradition B Leather Case

Beautifully crafted, luxurious leather wallet cases from France don’t come cheap, but if you want an executive blend of protection and style you can’t go wrong with Noreve. Pick your color and the leather finish you want, and it will be hand-crafted and mailed out as soon as it’s ready. There’s a slim shell to hold your Pixel 2 XL in place, a couple of slots for cards in the cover, and a secure stud closure. The leather is padded for protection and you’ll find accurate cut-outs for all your phone’s functions and features.

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Speck Presidio Grip Glitter Case ($50)

Speck Presidio Grip Glitter Case

We’re big fans of Speck’s Presidio Grip design, which incorporates an eye-catching pattern of rubber ridges into the case that prevent it from slipping on surfaces or out of your hand. If it should fall, then there is no need to panic because this case offers drop protection up to 10 feet and there’s a lip around the screen. This variant folds glitter into the mix for a sparkly finish, but the same case comes in a variety of two-tone colorways.

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Speck Amazon

Urban Armor Gear Ash Case ($30)

Urban Armor Gear Ash Case

If you like a chunky case with enhanced grip and solid drop protection credentials, then UAG has got you covered. This case combines a hard, translucent shell, with black skid pads and highlights that keep your Pixel 2 XL from touching down. You will also find big tactile button covers, generous openings for ports, camera, and fingerprint sensor, and an impact resistant core. NFC still works with the case on and it also comes in an Ice variant that’s not tinted.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal Case ($11)

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

The Pixel 2 XL is a good-looking phone and if you don’t want to cover up that Google design, then you might consider this clear case from Spigen. It’s made from flexible TPU to take the sting out of any bumps, there is a dot pattern inside that prevents marks, and the cutouts are accurate. The appeal of this case is its minimalist nature and the fit is perfect, but you shouldn’t expect major drop protection. We were also a little disappointed to find logos and branding etched on both sides and the top. It’s fairly subtle, but the case would be better without it.

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Incipio Design Series Case ($25)

Incipio Design Series Case

We know that Incipio puts a lot of thought into phone cases, so we’re always keen to see what they have to offer. The Design Series offers sleek protection in a translucent shell, finished with a fashionable flourish of metallic foil. The glitter star design is pictured, but there are also champagne glitter and beaded floral designs available. This is a scratch-resistant hard-shell case, with some flexible protection around the frame, accurate cut-outs, and tactile button covers. If you’re primarily after drop protection, then check out Incipio’s Reprieve Sport cases instead.

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Amazon Incipio

Google Fabric Case ($40)

Google Fabric Case

We don’t know why Google designers have such a penchant for fabric finishes, but these Fabric cases certainly make your Pixel 2 XL more comfortable to hold and easier to grip. You’ve got a choice of black carbon, coral, a kind of mottled midnight pattern, and the enticingly named cement, which is gray. Naturally, these Google-made cases are a perfect fit. The shell inside is polycarbonate covered in nylon knit and there’s a “welded silicone Super G logo” on the outside. They’re slim, so protection will be fairly minimal and they might require an occasional hand wash.

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Griffin Reveal Case ($15)

Griffin Reveal Case

You will find a good line in protective cases at Griffin, but it also offers this minimalist Pixel 2 XL case that’s completely clear to show off Google’s design. Thankfully, although it’s very slim, it doesn’t scrimp on drop protection. The polycarbonate body is enhanced with a TPU frame and reinforced corners to safeguard your phone from falls of up to three feet, which is about typical hand height. Considering how slim this case is, it offers a decent level of protection and it’s a good choice if you don’t want to spoil your Pixel’s aesthetic.

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Amazon Griffin

Otterbox Defender Series Case ($60)

If you don’t mind concealing your Pixel 2 XL in a chunky protective suit, so long as it survives bumps, falls, and harsh weather conditions, then this is the case for you. Otterbox employs stringent testing techniques to ensure its cases surpass your protection expectations. The trade-off is that it adds considerable bulk to an already big phone. A polycarbonate shell and rubber slipcover snap together to cover your phone from every angle. You also get a holster with this case. It’s ideal for anyone who works outdoors.

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Amazon Google

Caseology Parallax Series Case ($14)

Caseology Parallax Series Case

The textured geometric pattern and clever blend of TPU and polycarbonate in complementary colors make this an eye-catching case. The shell is flexible and takes the sting out of any impacts, while the bumper section is hard. There are clever grooves on the sides to enhance grip, decent button covers, and a full range of generous openings for easy access to phone functions. It’s fairly thin, but still offers military-standard drop protection. The burgundy and pink variety is pictured, but we also like the dark blue and gold.

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