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The Google Pixel Fold 2 could get a massive display upgrade

A game running on the Google Pixel Fold's open screen.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It seems Google’s next foldable phone will go big — quite literally. According to Ross Young of DSCC (which is now a part of industry analysis heavyweight Countepoint Research), the screen size of the Pixel Fold 2 will be bigger than what other leaks have suggested.

When the first set of Pixel Fold 2 leaks came out with alleged renders, they predicted a 7.9-inch inner foldable screen. Young writes in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that the inner flexible panel measures 8.02 inches, which is a major bump compared to the 7.6-inch OLED panel on the first-gen Google Pixel Fold.

The cover screen was previously said to come in at 6.4 inches, but Young notes that the actual size is 6.29 inches, which is still a healthy jump over the 5.8-inch outer display on the current version. But it’s not just the display that is getting a revision this time around.

Pixel Fold 2 leaked render.

The looks are also getting an overhaul, for better or worse. The sides have been flattened, and the overall profile has been reworked with a lot of OnePlus Open inspiration. The bezels have been trimmed dramatically, and the two-tone appearance is much easier on the eyes.

With a slender profile measuring merely 10.54mm, the Pixel Fold 2 is rumored to redefine slimness in the segment. Under the chassis (and that bad camera bump), Google is reportedly eyeing the next-gen Tensor G4 chip for the foldable phone.

We are currently in the dark about the Pixel Fold 2’s camera specifications or other minutiae of its internal hardware. However, a revision as remarkable as what the leaks predict has us fearing a steep price hike.

Pixel Fold 2 leaked design renders.

But what we are desperately hoping to see is some more work from Google – and Android app developers – at optimizing apps for larger screens. Not only would they look better on an expansive screen as big as 8 inches, but it would also help the cause of Android tablets that desperately needed some love and attention.

I was recently surprised to see that even Apple has optimized the Apple Music app quite beautifully for foldable phones. Now, I won’t say it’s an omen for a foldable iPhone, but it won’t hurt to see Android apps truly flex their adaptive UX muscle on a larger screen, like that of the Pixel Fold 2.

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