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The best Google Pixel 3 cases and covers

It’s been almost two years since the Google Pixel 3 launched, yet it’s still a phone that holds up in 2020, thanks to its premium hardware and Google’s consistent software updates. The screen and the glass back, which enables Qi wireless charging to work, are breakable, so it’s a smart move to safeguard them. We’ve been testing out the available options, and these are the best Pixel 3 cases you can buy. You may also want to make sure the display doesn’t get scratched or cracked by investing in one of the best Pixel 3 screen protectors.

Our top picks

These are the top three cases we’ve been using most often with our Pixel 3, and they each have something unique to recommend them. We have a number of alternative options worth considering if these don’t tempt you.

Google Pixel 3 Case

The official fabric case from Google is the one we’ve been using the most with our Pixel 3. Not surprisingly, it’s a perfect fit, with generous openings for easy access to the fingerprint sensor and USB-C port. In fact, there’s a gap above the USB-C port that makes it easy to swipe up from the bottom and use Android 9.0 Pie’s new navigation shortcuts. It doesn’t interfere with that stunning camera or the wireless charging either. The case features a plastic shell that’s slightly flexible, wrapped in a durable indigo fabric with soft microfiber padding on the inside. There’s also a pink version of this case, which is available from Amazon for $16. The volume rocker protrudes a little, but it’s camouflaged by the finish. The case is almost flush with the screen at the front and it’s slim, so we wouldn’t expect much drop protection from this case, but it will ward off scrapes, it’s very comfortable to hold, and it definitely enhances your grip.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

If we’re headed into the great outdoors or doing something active, then this is our go-to case for drop protection. This one-piece case mixes materials with a flexible rubber bumper with reinforced corners that’s enhanced with a polycarbonate back plate and a lightweight metal alloy. Full-grain leather panels on the back add some style. The power button is textured, the volume controls are well-defined, and the cutouts are accurate. There’s plenty of room to get at the charging port and fingerprint sensor. A protective lip extends out around the screen. This case definitely adds some bulk, particularly on the back and corners, but that’s the price of solid drop protection and it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. It’s a nice case to hold — it’s lighter than it looks — and there’s a honeycomb pattern on the sides that enhances grip. It comes in black.

Moment Photo Case

With photography specialists in mind, Moment makes protective cases for the Pixel 3 that look stylish and also support Moment’s lens range, which includes Wide, Tele Portrait, and Superfish lenses that start at $90. The shell is made of tough, fairly thick plastic with well-defined button covers and precise openings. There’s plenty of room around the USB-C port and a sloping cutout for the fingerprint sensor. The surround of the camera lens has a special locking system that makes it easy to clip on extra lenses, but these cases can be used without them and still look good. Our pick is the one with the flecked cream finish with the tan leather, but there’s a black case with a canvas panel on the back, as well as a black case with a walnut panel. With microfiber on the inside and a raised lip around the screen, we think this case should offer decent drop protection.

And the rest

Totallee Thin Clear Case

If you want to show off your Pixel 3, this clear case from Totallee ticks all the boxes. Made from flexible, transparent TPU, it won’t turn yellow over time and provides durable impact protection for your phone. The rubber finish adds extra grip, making drops less likely, and the case comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you’re not totallee satisfied (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Speck Presidio Grip Case

Picture shows the front and back views of a black Speck Presidio Grip case for the Google Pixel 3

You won’t find a grippier case for butterfingers than Speck’s Presidio Grip case, designed for those of us who’re always dropping our phones. This dual-layer polycarbonate case comes in black, Graphite Grey/Charcoal Grey, or Desert Rose Pink/Heartwood Brown and provides up to 10 feet of drop protection, with raised bezels for additional screen protection and a protective no-slip rubber grip. The matte surface is scratch-resistant, so your case will stay looking shiny and new for longer.

Bellroy Leather Wallet Case

You can’t beat a stylish leather case when it comes to adding a touch of class to proceedings, and we’re a little bit in love with this one from Bellroy. No bells or whistles, just a sleek, simple leather wallet case that holds up to four cards — so you can stash your bank cards, ID, and more. There’s even a slot for a spare SIM card and pin, should you need it. The soft microfiber lining and magnetic closure keep your screen safe from scratches whether your phone’s in your pocket or a bag, and the case folds out into a kickstand for hands-free viewing or video calls. We’d go for the caramel version, but it’s also available in navy or black.

Crave DualGuard Protection Series Case

Picture shows a mint and grey colored phone case on a Google Pixel 3

It’s easy to see why this is one of the bestselling Google Pixel 3 cases on Amazon. Crave’s dual-layer TPU and polycarbonate case provides premium protection for your phone. It’s slim and compact, making it ideal for slipping in a back pocket, and features a grippy finish to minimize the risk of drops. With easy access to ports, this case won’t interfere with wireless charging, and it comes with a lifetime warranty, too. Our preference is for the vibrant mint/gray version, but you can also pick this up in black, navy, slate, or red.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

For maximum scratch and drop protection, the Unicorn Beetle Pro case by Supcase is the way to go. It includes 360-degree coverage, a built-in screen protector, reinforced corners, and an included holster — and all of this makes the Unicorn Beetle one of the most versatile cases in the market. There’s even a rubberized flap covering the USB-C port to prevent water and dust from seeping into the phone. Priced just under $20 and available in a variety of colors, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is affordable and suitable for consumers of all kinds.

Incipio NGP Case

If you’re a fan of the Pixel 3’s look and you don’t want to cover it entirely, then you might fancy this translucent offering from Incipio. Crafted from its proprietary Flex2O material, this is a lightweight but highly durable case for the Pixel 3. The bottom portion of the case echoes the Pixel’s two-tone finish to add a touch of style, but it’s a fairly plain offering with accurate openings, button covers, raised bezels to protect the screen, and a subtle Incipio logo on the side. It offers protection against scratches and drops from up to three feet.

Speck Presidio Stay Clear Case

Speck Presidio Clear Case for Pixel 3

This case from Speck strikes a nice balance between protection and the desire to show off your Pixel 3’s style. It’s a completely clear case with an anti-yellowing coating and it promises to protect your Pixel 3 from drops of up to eight feet. The bumper section is reinforced with a dual-layer shock-absorbing barrier, and there’s a raised bezel all the way around the screen to ensure it never touches down. It’s quite a chunky case that definitely adds some bulk, but it’s comfortable to hold and highly protective. There are no issues with the generous openings, and it won’t interfere with wireless charging either.

Otterbox Symmetry Case

This isn’t quite as tough as Otterbox’s Defender Series cases, but it’s also less bulky, and will still guard your Pixel 3 against drop damage. There’s a rounded bumper that extends front and back to take the sting out of any impact. The openings are generous, the button covers are solid, and wireless charging works just fine with this case on. This Stardust version has sparkly silver flakes embedded in the clear cover, but Otterbox does offer plain color combinations as well.

Caseology Vault Case

This slim, light case has an understated style and offers basic protection against bumps and falls. It’s a typical TPU shell, but it is lightly textured all over to aid your grip and reduce the chances of drops happening in the first place. The button covers are well-defined, the cutouts are accurate, and it has a raised lip around the screen. A panel of diagonal lines breaks up the simple finish and adds a little touch of style, but this is a pretty utilitarian case.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

If you tend to fumble your phones a lot, then this highly protective case from Tech21 is for you. When your Pixel 3 is wearing this case, you can drop it with impunity, because it will safeguard your phone from falls of up to 12 feet (not that you’d actually want to). Tech21 imbues the flexible bumper with its special FlexShock material, which will prevent any impact shock from penetrating. It’s a little chunky, but it has good-sized openings and tactile button covers that are easy to find. Our pick is the eye-catching ultraviolet version, but you can opt for a more reserved smoky black if you prefer. Each is translucent, with a special check pattern on the back panel.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Here’s a relatively tough case that combines malleable TPU with a hard polycarbonate frame for solid protection from knocks and falls. The matte, textured finish on the back enhances grip and won’t pick up grubby fingerprints. There’s also an extended lip around the screen to prevent it from touching down on any surface. Tapered openings for the fingerprint sensor and camera and well-defined button covers round out a good case.

Ringke Fusion Case

This crystal-clear case from Ringke is very affordable, but still offers reasonable protection, with a hard, transparent polycarbonate back panel and a flexible, clear TPU bumper. The corners are reinforced for impact protection, and there’s a lanyard hole for anyone who wants to attach a strap. You’ll find accurate cutouts and thin button covers offering easy access to everything. You can also pick up this case with a smoke-black translucent bumper.

VRS Design Label Case

You may like the eye-catching, ridged look of this Single Fit Label Series case from VRS Design. It’s like a small, sturdy suitcase designed to envelop your Pixel 3 and guard it against drop damage or scratches. The Single Fit Label Series case is also resistant to fingerprints and smudges. It features raised edges around the screen, tactile button covers, and beveled openings for the fingerprint sensor and camera. The case’s cutouts allow you to charge and use your phone’s buttons easily without the case getting in the way. You can pick it up in black with a burst of color in the red/orange label tag for a fun, sporty design.

Noreve Tradition D Leather Case

If you’re looking for that luxury feel in your Pixel 3 case, this Noreve wallet has you covered (literally). This high-quality, padded case comes in three different colors, and Noreve builds it with hand-crafted stitched leather. The plush interior lining swaddles your phone in protection, while the hard shell beneath it holds your phone securely, giving you coverage from every angle.

While the front cover on this phone rests shut when not in use, it doesn’t have a magnetic clasp. The wallet features button cut-outs for easy access and camera and fingerprint holes on the back, too. Despite all this, the Tradition D case maintains a slim and sleek design.

Rhinoshield Bumper Case

If you’re looking for a minimalist case that will show off your phone while still giving you drop protection, this curved bumper might just be what you’re looking for. This Rhinoshield offers drop protection from up to 11 feet, and it extends slightly to the front and back to protect your phone from contact with the ground. 

Because the front and back of your phone are exposed, there’s nothing to interfere with your camera, fingerprint sensor, or wireless charging area on this phone, making it one of the most accessible cases on the market. 

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