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Everything we know about the “BlackBerry Ghost” smartphone so far

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Christian de Looper/Digital Trends
Christian de Looper/Digital Trends

It looks like BlackBerry is readying yet another new Android-powered handset. Last year, we saw handsets like the BlackBerry Motion and BlackBerry KeyOne, both of which were decent but often topped by the competition. Now, we could be headed for BlackBerry’s first “bezel-less” device — rumored to be called the BlackBerry Ghost.

Now, we’re not sure if “Ghost” is the phone’s code name, or if it will eventually go by another name. Either way, it looks like it could be a pretty nice phone, at least judging by the leaks we’ve seen of the device. Here’s everything we know about BlackBerry’s new phone so far.


The phone was recently leaked by @evleaks on Twitter, and shows a pretty nice design. According to the leak, the phone will feature a bezel-less design, though without seeing the phone with the screen on, that’s hard to confirm. The phone will also reportedly be built by Optiemus, and will be released in India.

BlackBerry 'Ghost': a bezel-less, premium Android handset from licensee Optiemus; coming soon to India.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) February 26, 2018

Apart from that, there’s little we know about the phone. Antenna lines on the side of the device could indicate that it will feature a metal build, which would be nice to see. On the top of the device, we can see a small front-facing camera — though there doesn’t seem to be any sensors for a feature like facial recognition.


When it comes to specs, there’s almost nothing we know about the phone. The leak from @evleaks says that the phone will be a “premium” device — but what that really means remains to be seen. BlackBerry phones in 2017 featured decidedly midrange chips — the BlackBerry KeyOne offered a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. We expect the so-called BlackBerry Ghost to feature a similarly midrange chip, though that also remains to be seen. It’s likely that the chip will be coupled with a modest amount of RAM.

Pricing and availability

We also don’t know anything about the price of the device, though the leak from @evleaks suggests the phone will be released in India. Hopefully, it’ll make its way to other markets at some point.

We’ll update this article as we hear more about the BlackBerry Ghost.

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