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Pocket-sized breathalyzer plugs into your phone


It’s easy for those of us that live in an urban setting to forget the precarious predicament one can find themselves in after a night of imbibing. It doesn’t matter if we have one or 10; at the end of the night, we can just hop onto a train or in a cab and safely make our way home.

For those who need to get behind the wheel in order to get home, certain reservations must need to be taken. But mistakes happen, and we sometimes find ourselves ordering that one last drink that pushes us just over the edge.

In such a situation, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Earlier today, Gizmodo reported about a new start-up is aiming to help people make the right choice. Breathometer is a pocket-sized device that plugs into your iPhone 5 or Android (as long as it’s running 4.0 and up) phone and, after blowing into it, it tells you — via an app — what your blood alcohol content, so you know if you’re good to go, or if you need to hitch a ride home with a friend.

If you have time to kill and prefer to not leave your car abandoned, the app keeps track of your history so that it can help you determine how much time will need to pass before you should be able to safely drive again. (Of course, you shouldn’t just assume it’s accurate, and should run another test before doing so.)

The company is still raising funds via Indiegogo; so far it has raised $9,400 of the $25,000 it needs to get off the ground. While the device isn’t set to ship until July, and retail for about $100, if you contribute to the raising of funds, just $20 will get you one. But, you’ll have to wait until January.

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