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And this is what the gold iPhone 6 will probably look like

Thanks to a few case makers, serial image leakers, and lots of mockups, we basically already know what the iPhone 6 will look like. It will be thinner with a bigger screen and a new iPad Mini-like design.

If you have any lingering doubts about the general appearance of the gold iPhone 6, luxury company Brikk unveiled its gold-plated, 4.7-inch iPhone designs on its website. It also formally announced the luxury iPhone 6 designs in a press release. Since there’s no case on this mockup, Brikk’s images show us almost exactly what the iPhone 6 will look like. Just imagine this phone with more of a champagne gold color than bright gaudy gold and you’re in the clear.

In the images, you can clearly see that the iPhone 6 is significantly thinner than the iPhone 5S and the screen is much bigger. The back of the device has the same design that we’ve seen in several iPhone 6 leaks. The iPhone 6 is mostly metal with just a few white accent lines, the Apple logo, and iPhone 6 decal on the back. In some of Brikk’s designs, the Apple logo is covered with gold and encrusted with diamonds, which may mean we won’t see a glowing Apple logo.

Only the 4.7-inch model is shown in the images, which could indicate that rumors about the 5.5-inch model’s delay may be true. However, case makers like Spigen have shown pictures of both models.

Regardless, the most important thing here is that Brikk shows the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in comparison with the iPhone 5S. This particular photo reveals that the screen is not only bigger by almost a full inch, but it has a much smaller bezel around the sides. The top and bottom bezel look to be the same size though, which means that the device may be a bit tall for its screen size.

Shots of the sides show that the iPhone 6 will have a lightning port, headphone jack, and speakers on the bottom of the device. It looks as though there are two skinny buttons on the left side of the device, which could either be up and down volume controls, or a volume rocker and power button. There is no shot of the top of the device, so it’s hard to say exactly where the power button will be located.

All that remains to be seen is the specs and the price. You can read up on all the iPhone 6 rumors in our handy roundup.

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