Remember kazoos, those cheap musical toys? The iKazoo can control your Android phone


You know how when someone tells you something, and the news is so crazy, you just have no words. You struggle to find something to say, but instead, you just sit there, sweating, unable to actually conjure up a response.

Consider that our reaction to the news that one of the newest Android innovations is in the form of a — wait for it … — kazoo.

No, it’s okay. We’ll hold off for a moment to let you process that.

Okay. It’s a kazoo. Processed? A company called Ogaco Gadgets has revealed a concept for a kazoo (sigh) that, well, quite frankly, does a little bit more than anyone would need a kazoo to do.

For the low low price of just $100, you can grab an iKazoo and, with it, use the built-in microphone to make audio recordings, use the touch surface to create drum beats (totally necessary), blow into the lip sensor to, as CNET says, take advantage of the breath synthesizer (we assume this means the iKazoo is an actual kazoo…), play mobile games, and even use it as a step counter to make sure your exercising is up to speed.

Not enough? Add another $50 and your iKazoo will be equipped with a cap that turns it into a stylus, so you can use it as a mobile pen or even a virtual guitar pick. Who knew a kazoo could do so many things for you.

The company is currently raising funds to bring this device to the market. Will it actually see the light of day? We’re not sure. It certainly is among the stranger of the inventions we’ve seen, but hey, who knows? Maybe we’ll be typing our articles on iKazoos this time next year.