Cricket Wireless tries to attract T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers with $100 bill credit

cricket wireless unlimited data plan

Cricket Wireless, AT&T’s no-contract subsidiary, wants more subscribers, specifically current customers T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers. Its plan to coax them away involves a $100 bill credit that are theirs, so long as they switch their phone numbers to Cricket.

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The offer, which begins on Sunday, August 24 and ends on Sunday, October 19, applies to T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers who decide to shift their numbers to Cricket’s Basic, Smart, or Pro rate plan. All the plans differ only in the amount of data you receive, with the Basic plan giving you 500MB of LTE. The Smart and Pro plans, meanwhile, include 2.5GB and 5GB of LTE, respectively.

The Basic, Smart, and Pro plans go for $35, $45, and $55, respectively, so long as you sign up for auto pay, which nets you a $5 discount. Before you jump after the promotion, keep in mind that Cricket utilizes AT&T’s network. As such, as always recommended when thinking about switching carriers, make sure coverage in your area is strong.

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