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Warm your hands over this festive fireplace filled with Galaxy Note 7 phones

If one smartphone has generated more headlines than any other in 2016, it’s probably the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. From the early, excellent reviews to its eventual cancelation, the big-screen device has had more than its fair share of attention. Samsung’s definitely hoping we forget all about it in 2017, but before we do, let’s celebrate its fiery character by gathering round a festive fireplace filled with slow burning Note 7 phones.

Before you grab the fire extinguisher, we’re not talking about a real fire, but a virtual fireplace created by Anthony Antonellis on YouTube. The crackle of super-heated circuit boards, the popping of a too-hot-to-touch battery, and the imagined smell of burning recycled cardboard packaging is just what we need to get in the Christmas spirit.

The video runs for eight minutes, but you can easily loop it on your TV so it lasts the length of your December and New Year gatherings. There is some ringtone-style music in the background too, but you’ll probably want to mute that and play something more appropriate. We think any version of Samsung’s own Over The Horizon theme tune would be fitting.

It’s not the first time someone has mocked the Galaxy Note 7’s unfortunate exploding nature. At the end of October, a Halloween costume made of smoking Note 7 boxes gathered plenty of attention.

While we make light of the Galaxy Note 7 now, it hasn’t been a laughing matter for the rest of the time. Millions of people purchased a device that eventually had to be returned due to the potential danger it posed, and although no serious accidents were caused, even airlines banned the device just in case. Samsung’s not doing much chuckling either, as it faces a $20 billion loss due to its failure.

Let’s hope this festive virtual fireplace is the last burning smartphone we’ll see for quite some time.

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