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GBoard’s beta update now includes GIF creator for Android


In January, Gboard’s iOS update allowed iPhone users to access the Gboard GIF creator from the keyboard screen. The feature is now rolling out to Android as a beta and it will only be available on specific devices.

Gboard, Google’s keyboard app for iOS and Android, has always been one of our favorites. With Gboard, you can do just about anything from completing a Google Search to signing a digital document.

With Gboard’s GIF creator, users can easily respond to messages with personalized GIFs. Since the feature works with both the front and rear-facing cameras, it’s easy to send a group GIF to your friends and loved ones. And you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite GIF because they’re stored in your personal GIF library.

The GIF creator tool on Gboard is pretty basic. You’re limited to creating looped or high-speed GIFs. You can also add text to the GIF, but you’re currently limited to one font. If you’re looking to try a more full-featured GIF creator, you can check out our favorites.

To give the GIF creator in Gboard a spin, you first need to make sure your Gboard app is updated. Once you update, you should see the GIF creator icon next to the word suggestion bar. On Android, you will be able to access the feature by tapping on GIF within the keyboard and then the “Make A GIF” icon.

Tap the GIF creator icon and you will see a pretty standard viewfinder screen. Select the front- or rear-facing camera, and choose either the “Loop” or “Fast Forward” mode just below the capture button.  You can then hold the capture button to create your GIF.  Once your GIF is captured you can then add handwriting or doodles in from the menu on the top of the screen. Once you’re finished tap the “Send” icon and your GIF will be copied so you can easily paste it into a message.

After you created a GIF, they will be stored in your personal GIF library. You can access old GIFs by tapping the “emoticon” icon next to the spacebar and selecting “GIF.” If you want to delete one of your GIFs, just long hold on the image and an option to delete it will appear.

Updated on May 8: Google rolls out a beta update of Gboard’s GIF creator for Android.

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