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Google just made it easier to change your breached passwords

Google is finally making good on its promise to let Google Assistant help users come up with new passwords after they’ve been breached. With a few simple taps, the virtual assistant can take care of setting up a new password in seconds after notifying you that there’s been an issue. The company announced the feature last year, but now the rollout has begun, as Android owners have started spotting the feature on their phones.

Notifications for breached passwords are nothing new; Google Chrome has been pushing them for years. But the process for setting up a new one if breached was a little too involved. Previously, it would require the device owner to navigate to the affected website on their own and reset the password manually. As spotted by Android Police’s Max Weinbach on Twitter, the new Assistant update streamlines that process by bringing the user directly to the password settings of the site with the breached password.

Google Assistant being able to change breached passwords >>>>>

— Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) May 3, 2022

Additionally, users are given the option to simply let Google take care of making a password and adding it to their personal password keyring. This type of feature has been around for quite some time, but its implementation in tandem with the updated Google Assistant password feature makes the entire process smoother than ever.

The rollout for the new Google Assistant update seems like it’s going to take a while to become universally adopted. Because each individual website handles password resets differently, they’ll all need to be in conversation with Google about automating their practices. So far, only a handful of websites are compatible with the feature, but as it becomes available to more Android device users, it seems as though more sites will be added.

It’s worth pointing out that the feature will only work in the Chrome web browser app. While the browser is popular, it’s not the only option for Android users, so those wanting to make use of the Google Assistant password feature will need to switch over to Chrome or just make do with the previous ways of handling breached passwords.

If you’re curious about whether your Android phone has the update, you can check by heading to Chrome’s password settings. Once there, some sites will have the Google Assistant bubbles next to “Change Password” instead of the box with the arrow. The bubbles communicate that it’s a site that supports the feature.

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