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Mysterious Google Carrier Services app lands on Google Play, but what does it do?

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It looks like our Android phones may have yet another preinstalled app in the near future. In many cases device manufacturers opt to have preinstalled apps available on the Google Play Store, so that they can update individual apps rather than pushing an entire system update. Another one of those apps, called “Carrier Services,” has appeared on the Google Play Store.

According to the app description, the app “helps carriers provide mobile services using the latest networking capabilities,,” including support for the Android Messages app.

So what exactly does Carrier Services do? Well, right now, nothing. Android Police has gone over the app’s code to find that it only contains a dummy service, which simply means that it doesn’t do anything. In other words, the app is up on the Google Play Store, but it won’t actually do anything until Google updates it.

We could speculate as to what the new app is all about. Some reports hint that it could have something to do with RCS, or Rich Communication Services — which is an advanced communications style that supports high-resolution phones, read receipts, a better chat group support, and more. It’s essentially a futuristic version of SMS.

So what is the appropriate response to an app like this appearing on the Google Play Store? Apparently, it’s leaving funny reviews. One review reads “Google had once again achieved what no other country on this earth can. After updating this cellular services app I can tap into any network of the world.”

Another reads that “after a bit of experimenting,” you can “Wave Charge” your phone by putting it in the microwave. Pro tip: Under no circumstances should you put your phone in the microwave unless you want a fire hazard and a fried phone on your hands.

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