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Google Glass goes on sale next week – but for one day only


In the clearest indication yet that Google is close to a full-blown commercial launch of its face-based computer, the company has announced that Glass will go on sale next week – for one day only.

The 24-hour sale kicks off at 9am ET on Tuesday, April 15, and is open to US-based adults only. You’ll have to hand over $1500 (plus tax) for the device, though for your money Google is promising to throw in a free shade or frame as well.

The Mountain View company said in a Google+ post that it was forced to reveal details of the sale earlier than expected after related internal documents were published by The Verge on Thursday.

According to the leaked information, next week’s sale is designed to expand its army of so-called Explorers – everyday folk who’re helping to develop and test the high-tech specs – and is by no means part of a full commercial launch.

Google is yet to make any official announcement about when it expects to properly launch its wearable tech, though many observers expect a public release to take place before the end of the year. It’s possible we might hear something official at the Google I/O bash in June.

The Web giant has run a number of promotions in the past year offering Glass to interested users, though most involved contest-like conditions or required a referral from an existing Explorer. The simplicity of this latest offer appears to show the company is more than happy with the progress it’s making with its much-discussed device, even if it still has some work to do to win over a skeptical public.

So, interested in getting Glass on your face? Be sure to hit this page as early as you can on Tuesday as the offer is limited. Good luck!

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