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Leaked Google Pixel 4 promo video shows off a new astrophotography camera mode

Anuncio filtrado del Google Pixel 4 | Pixel 4 leaked promotional video

The Google Pixel 4 leaks — both official and unofficial — keep pouring in as we inch closer to the expected launch period. Now there’s a video of the phone in action, showing off its impressive new astrophotography features.

The new video, which appears to be an official Pixel 4 promo clip was obtained by Spanish publication ProAndroid. While the clip doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it does substantiate a bunch of existing rumors.

For starters, the clip shows off Pixel 4’s air gestures, which will allow users to perform various tasks such as skipping music tracks by simply waving their hand over the front sensors. In addition, it hints at the public launch of Google’s “next-gen Assistant” that was first detailed at the company’s annual developer conference a few months ago.

The next major update for Google Assistant is essentially expected to get rid of all the barriers enabling you to speak to your phone without having to wait for replies or use invoke phrases. So for instance, if you receive a message with some amazing news, you would just be able to say “Reply Amazing” and the Google Assistant will take care of it.

The leaked promo also gives us a glimpse of how Google is putting Pixel 4’s dual-camera setup to use. The Pixel 4 will reportedly have a new astrophotography camera mode which will be capable of capturing stars at night and phenomenons like the Milky Way.

Last week, a different report hinted at the addition of a similar feature. On top of that, it said the Pixel 4 will have another mode for taking shots of objects in motion and 8x zoom capabilities. The latter, considering what we’ve seen on other phones, will most likely be a combination of Google’s existing Super Res Zoom feature and data from Pixel 4’s secondary telephoto lens.

While it’s always best to take such leaks with a pinch of salt, the video doesn’t feature anything outrageous and therefore, has a decent chance of being real. The promo, unfortunately, doesn’t shed light on when exactly the Pixel 4 will officially make its debut. If Google’s previous hardware events are any indication, it will likely take place in the first or second week of October.

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