Final Fantasy IV, NBA Jam, and more discounted in Google Play Store

google play celebrates summer app discounts nba jam android

Whether it’s because it’s summer and we all need a way to cool down, or simply because developers felt like it, several games and apps have gone on sale in the Google Play Store.

These apps include big-name games, such as Final Fantasy III, NBA Jam, and Dead Space, as well as apps such as Runtastic Pro and WeatherPro. Most of these games and apps have been discounted by at least 50 percent with no indication of when they will return to their original prices, so if you’re interested, it’d be best to grab them now.


Name Discounted Price Original Price
Final Fantasy III $8 $16
Final Fantasy IV $8 $16
Dead Space $2 $7
Guns and Glory WW2 Premium $1 $6
Monopoly Millionaire $0.50 $1
NBA Jam $1 $5
Temple Run: Oz $1 $2
Terraria $2 $5
Worms 3 $2.49 $5
Zombies, Run $2 $4
Zombies, Run 5K $1 $2


Since the end of summer isn’t until around September 22, this won’t likely be the only mass sale of Google Play games and apps. Are there specific apps you wish would go on sale before summer’s end? Tell us in the comments below.