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Streamline and secure your life with the Hideez Key 2, a universal key

Hideez Key - The Only Digital Key

We briefly mentioned the Hideez Key 2 last week, when it made its debut at the London Wearable Technology Show, but there’s much more for you to know. The Hideez tech company is currently known best for its small password manager that you can clip onto your keyring, but its newest product, which is already up for pre-order and will be available for purchase in May, is a considerable step up from the original.

The Hideez Key 2 is a digital identity manager that allows you to do everything from store passwords to open doors to maintain a Bluetooth connection with your phone, laptop, or other device if it’s stolen.

Branded as a “universal digital key designed to save time and give additional privacy and security to our digital lives,” the Hideez 2 comes with a hardware-encrypted password manager with second factor authentication, as well as RFID credential storage that lets you lock and unlock more than a thousand doors using this single wearable device. It also comes with a Bluetooth LE transceiver, which means you can unlock your mobile devices or laptops from a distance, and actually verifies your identity using your eye veins.

“As technology quickly develops and its importance in our daily life continues to grow, many digital security solutions are failing to keep up with the pace of development,” said Oleg Naumenko, Founder and CEO of Hideez Group. “Our company brings personal and digital security to a new level, allowing our customers to feel comfortable and confident in their digital lives. The Hideez Key 2 brings that sense of security in a neat, easy-to-use package like nothing else on the market.”

When the Hideez 2 becomes widely available this summer, it’ll come in four “easy-to-use form-factors — keychain fob, wristband, pendant or clip — each in a thin, water-resistant case” and set you back about $65. So if you need to keep your information secure, streamline your life, and otherwise become a denizen of the 21st century, this universal key just might do the trick for you.

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