20 common problems with the HTC One M8, and how to fix them

HTC 1 M8 top screen
It’s no secret that we’re fans of the HTC One M8. It’s a gorgeous looking handset and offers unique features and qualities that make it stand out. But no matter how much we like it, it’s not a perfect device. Like all smartphones, it has its share of problems. We’ve found some of the most common issues with the HTC One M8 and have provided some possible solutions for you to try should you run into them.

Problem: Camera lens scratched

A lot of people have had issues with the camera lens on the HTC One M8 getting scratched. Over time it can pick up so many scratches that it has an impact on the photos you are taking. The general consensus is that the scratching generally shows up on a special coating that’s an extra layer on top of the glass lens, possibly to reduce reflections or fingerprint smudges.

Potential solutions:

  • If you can take it back to HTC or your carrier without a major hassle, then there’s a good chance they’ll be able to replace it or fix it for you. The advantage here is that they’ll make sure the coating stays intact or replace it.
  • A lot of people have reported success by using toothpaste or another mild abrasive to remove the coating, leaving a pristine glass lens beneath. If you do try this then make sure you are very gentle and don’t use anything too powerful. The disadvantage is that you no longer have the protective coating. You could consider replacing it yourself with a screen protector.

Glitch: Headphones not working

Quite a few One M8 owners have run into a glitch where they plug their headphones in and the phone doesn’t recognize them. When they play music it continues to come out of the speakers and the headphone icon doesn’t appear on screen.

Potential solutions:

  • The first thing to is try your headphones with another device, just to make sure they’re definitely working.
  • Make sure that the headphone port is free of dust and debris. Blow into it, or even better use some compressed air.
  • Go to Settings > Power and make sure that Fast boot is turned off. Turn the One M8 off and then hold Volume down and Power together. When you see the menu use the Volume buttons to highlight recovery and the Power key to select it. The phone will reboot and when the red triangle appears on screen you need to press and hold the Volume up button and press the Power button once. You should see another menu and you can use the Volume buttons to highlight wipe cache partition and the Power button to select it. When it’s done you want to select reboot and test if the problem is gone.
  • You can check if a third-party app is the problem. Press and hold the Power key then touch and hold Power off and when you see Reboot to safe mode tap Restart. If the problem is gone then it’s definitely an app causing it. You can uninstall one by one and test or you can factory reset.
  • You could try a factory reset. You’ll need to back up everything first and then go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset phone. After it’s complete install apps selectively and watch out for the problem returning, just in case it’s related to a third-party app.
  • If you’re still having the issue then it could be a hardware fault. It’s time to contact HTC.

Issue: HTC One M8 won’t turn on

Some people are panicking after their One M8 refuses to turn on, even though it should have power. They’ve tried plugging it into the charger and holding the power button, but to no avail. This is actually a common problem with smartphones and it’s usually easy to fix.

Potential solutions:

  • The first thing to try is just holding down the Power button for a while. Hold it down for much longer than you normally would and just wait. Time yourself for 20 seconds.
  • Now try holding down Power and Volume up together for 10 seconds or so and it should restart.
  • If that doesn’t work then turn the phone off and try holding down the Power and Volume down buttons together for a similar length of time. You should get a menu with an option to reboot
  • If it still isn’t switching on then try plugging it into your PC via USB and then work through the steps above again.
  • If none of that works then you need to contact HTC.

Problem: Lag after update

A lot of M8 owners are suffering from lag and a bit of instability after the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. There are a couple of things worth trying.

Potential solutions:

  • Try a simple turn off and on again. Hold down the Power button and then tap Power off. See if the lag is gone when you turn it back on again.
  • The next thing to try is wiping the cache partition. Turn the phone off and then press and hold Power and Volume down until you see the Android screen. Use the Volume buttons to highlight recovery and Power to select it. Use the Volume buttons again to highlight wipe cache partition and Power to select. When it’s finished highlight reboot and see if your One M8 is back to normal.
  • If the problem persists it may be down to a specific app. Try pressing and holding the Power button and then tap and hold on Power off and when you see Reboot to safe mode tap Restart. If the problem is gone in safe mode then there’s a good chance that a third-party app is to blame. You can either uninstall one by one or factory reset and be careful what you reinstall.

Bug: Rapid battery drain

Your One M8 battery life is going to gradually decline, but some owners have found a rapid drain bug rearing its ugly head after updating the phone software. It’s highly likely this is down to a specific app.

Potential solutions:

  • Try turning it off, hold down the Power button and tap Power off, and then turn it back on again.
  • Go to Settings > Power and take a look at Usage and History. You may be able to find the cause of your problem here. If there’s an app guzzling all your power then make sure it’s up to date and if it is, uninstall it and try to find a replacement.
  • Some people have attributed the problem to Wi-Fi scanning. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and hit the menu to choose Advanced Wi-Fi and make sure that Scanning always available is off.
  • If you’re unsure what the cause is then it might be worth trying a factory reset. It’s a hassle, but there’s a good chance your One M8 will perform better afterwards. Backup all your precious stuff and go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset phone. When it’s done, be careful about what you install, and make sure that you watch out for the problem returning.
  • For more general ideas, check out tips for saving smartphone battery life.

Problem: Notifications keep vibrating

A few people are getting fed up because instead of vibrating a couple of times when a new notification comes in, like it used to, their One M8 is vibrating repeatedly unless they actually clear the notification. This problem is affecting people after upgrading to Android 5.0 Lollipop and luckily it’s really easy to fix.


  • Go to Settings > Accessibility and turn Notification reminder off.

Glitch: LED not workingHTC One M8 hands on front

A number of people have found that the LED isn’t working on their new HTC One M8. It’s supposed to flash for notifications, such as a new email or a text message. Most people are reporting that it works for charging and low battery, by displaying orange or green, although it may be dim, but it isn’t flashing at all for notifications.

Potential fixes:

  • First you need to check in Settings > Display & gestures > Notification light and make sure that it is turned on for the notifications you want.
  • There’s a good chance that the LED not working is related to a specific app. You can test this by booting into safe mode. Hold down the Power button until the options pop up and then tap and hold Power off until the Reboot to safe mode option appears and tap Restart to confirm. You’ll see the words “Safe mode” at the bottom left corner of the screen if it worked. Alternatively, you can power the phone off completely then press and hold the power button until the HTC logo appears, let go of the power button and press and hold the volume down button until safe mode appears at the bottom left. Simply hold down the power button and then choose Restart to get out of safe mode.
  • If it is an app causing the glitch, you have to find which one. Go to Settings > Apps and take a look at the All tab. Any app related to messaging is most likely to be the culprit. Some people on Verizon reported success after disabling Verizon Messages and then restarting the phone. You can try your apps one by one, or you can do a factory reset and selectively reinstall them.
  • If you’re still having problems and it doesn’t seem to be app related then you should request a replacement handset.

Problem: Low volume during calls

A few One M8 owners have been complaining about low volume during calls. It may sound as though the other caller is whispering or leave you wondering whether they’ve hung up. This seems to be an issue even if the volume is turned up to maximum.


  • Try changing the position of the speaker, it’s directional and the sound is really only coming out of the left side of the speaker grill. Hold it slightly away from your ear and try moving it until you get a clearer sound.
  • You could also go to Settings > Call and turn Hearing Aids mode on.
  • You could try using a Bluetooth headset.

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure that there’s nothing blocking the speaker grill. Try firing some compressed air in there.
  • Return the phone and try to get a replacement handset from your retailer, carrier, or HTC.

Problem: Booting into safe mode

Apparently a few HTC One M8 units have been booting into safe mode straight out of the box. You’ll know if yours is one of them because it will say “Safe mode” at the bottom left of the screen.

Potential fixes:

  • Simply restarting the phone should be enough to get out of safe mode. Hold down the Power key and then select Restart and select it again to confirm. The phone should boot normally.
  • If it reboots and it’s still in safe mode, try a factory reset. You’ll need to save anything you want to keep first. Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset phone and choose Erase all data, then OK.

Problem: Wi-Fi won’t connect, keeps disconnecting, or slowHTC One M8 hands on settings

A number of people have run into problems with the Wi-Fi on the HTC One M8. It may be refusing to connect, perhaps it drops and fails to reconnect automatically, or maybe it’s just running at a very slow speed compared to another device.


  • Try switching Airplane mode on and off again or hold down the power button and restart the phone.
  • Restart the HTC One M8 and restart your router. It might work again temporarily, but the problem could return.

Potential fixes:

  • Delete your connection and manually re-enter all the details to set it up.
  • Install the free Wi-Fi Analyzer app and make sure that your channels aren’t too crowded. You may want to tweak some settings on the router.
  • Make sure that your router’s firmware is up to date.
  • Take a look at your router’s settings, check the Mac filter, and see if anything looks wrong.
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