Ingress, Google’s cool augmented reality game, gets an iOS release

ingress for iphone released title ios screen

Google has released a version of its augmented reality game Ingress for iOS, meaning Apple device owners are finally able to get in on the geeky action, which has been entertaining Android fans for well over a year.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Ingress, then it’s not that surprising, given the game was a closed beta for some time, and there was little fanfare when it was eventually opened up to all at the end of 2013. The arrival of Ingress on iOS is similarly quiet, and the only official news comes from a Niantic Project – the team behind the game – Google+ post, saying simply “Welcome to Ingress iOS users.”

Ingress is played out in the real world, where the idea is to capture energy rich locations, find objects, and ultimately beat the opposition. You can choose to play on one of two sides, the Enlightened or the Resistance, which means you’ll often virtually do battle to win control of prime locations.

It’s a location-based game, which can be played globally, but what makes it standout is the fascinating backstory. We took a look at the marketing campaign back when the game launched in 2012, when it was already very involved, and it has only become more complex since then. Don’t let that put you off, you don’t have to pay all that much attention to it, but if you’re a fan of Lost, the X-Files, or Fringe, then you’ll get a kick out of the sci-fi and conspiracy elements.

You can download Ingress for iOS, for free, through the App Store right now, and all you need is a Google account to get started.