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Video claiming to show iPad 5 parts reveals design very similar to Mini

ipad apple expected to unveil refreshed tablets on october 22 5 leak
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We’ve heard more than a few occasions about how the forthcoming fifth-generation iPad will be thinner and lighter than the current model, and a video (below) recently posted on YouTube by Unbox Therapy gives us a clearer idea of how the finished product will look – assuming the parts it shows off are the real deal, of course.

First up, the overall design of the next-generation iPad moves it closer to that of the Mini, according to Unbox Therapy. For example, as has been suggested in earlier reports, the next iPad looks set to launch with a thinner bezel along the long sides of the tablet, reducing the width of the device by 1.5cm (0.59 inches), from 18.5cm (7.28 inches) to 17cm (6.69 inches). Placed side-by-side, the iPad looks distinctly narrower than its predecessor, but rest assured the 9.7-inch screen size remains unaltered.

You’ll notice from the image below that the next iPad looks set to wave goodbye to those gently curving edges, replaced by square ones as seen on the Mini. And you’ll also see that the upcoming model will have split volume buttons, again as seen on Apple’s diminutive tablet.

iPad 5 on the iPad 4.
iPad 5 on the iPad 4. Image used with permission by copyright holder

Compared to the iPad 4, the next iPad appears to be ever so slightly slimmer, a look that’s reportedly been made possible with the introduction of thinner glass for the touchscreen display.

One more bit of info from the video – the iPad casing also sports dual speaker grills, a feature which came with the Mini on launch.

Previous reports have suggested the iPad 5 will be lighter than the current model, apparently made possible with the incorporation of a single LED light bar, replacing the current set of two light bars.

As for when we might see the new iPad – and Mini 2 for that matter (supposedly coming with Apple’s high-definition Retina display) – no one knows for sure. While the tech giant is gearing up for a big event in Cupertino on Tuesday, it’s new iPhones, not iPads, which we’re expecting to see. But that’s not to say Tim Cook won’t be taking the wraps off the new tablets next week. However, if it’s a no show for the iPad 5 and Mini 2, it’s a safe bet they’ll arrive in time for the holiday season.

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