VTech’s KidiZoom watch is the first smartwatch designed for kids

kidizoom first smartwatch designed kids vtech smart watch

Created by children’s toy manufacturer VTech, the KidiZoom is the first smartwatch that ‘s targeted at kids between the ages of 6 and 12. Sporting a 1.4-inch touch display, the smartwatch lets kids take pictures or video with the built-in, 0.3MP digital camera, record voice notes with funny sound effects and play a variety of educational games. Of course, the KidiZoom smartwatch also provides the date and time as well as an alarm clock, stopwatch function and a countdown timer. However, the watch doesn’t actually include the ability to connect to the Internet or other mobile devices like a tablet or smartphone.

Providing multiple watch faces and a couple different color options, the watch does include a USB port that provides the option of offloading photos and video from the on-board memory card to a computer. However, kids also have the ability to perform limited video editing functions within the smartwatch interface and add effects like picture frames on images or different filters. According to Mashable, the three games included on the watch involved solving puzzles, testing memory and matching objects.

Speaking about the new smartwatch, VTech product manager Charlotte Johnson said “We know that firms like Samsung and Sony have already created smart watches for adults, but we want children to be able play their part in the development of this technology. This is about using technology to improve and enhance a simple product like a watch. It will help develop skills that will become important in the future.”

Of course, the KidiZoom smartwatch is priced significantly lower than products like the Pebble Steel or Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch. Debuting in stores in time for the holiday shopping rush later this year, the KidiZoom smartwatch will be priced around $49.99 and will be available in two colors, pink and blue.