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Lenovo’s cool new gaming phone leaked, but you can’t buy it

Created in response to Asus’ popular ROG Phone series, Lenovo Legio- branded smartphones have been well-received in China and compete against the likes of similarly themed products from Black Shark and RedMagic. The company’s next-generation gaming smartphone, the Legion Y90, has been in the news for quite some time and is now the subject of additional leaks.

The latest piece of information comes courtesy of a popular Chinese leaker who revealed key hardware specifications of the device on his Weibo account. As expected of a 2022 flagship-grade gaming phone, the Legion Y90 is loaded with powerful hardware, and has some unique design elements.

Understated looks

A leaked image of the Lenovo Legion Y90 showing its rear panel.

Previously leaked images and video of the Legion Y90 show a device with a surprisingly tame look for a gaming phone. There are no wild cuts and creases, and the rear panel of the device is largely smooth and unextraordinary. However, the phone does get what Lenovo calls a “dual-engine air-cooled” system at the rear. There is little information about this cooling mechanism right now, but a Lenovo official has claimed that the system will allow continuous gaming at a high frame rates for extended sessions.

Eye-popping hardware

Gaming smartphones tend to go overboard with outrageous hardware specs that make even top-end flagship-grade phones look ordinary. And the Legion Y90 doesn’t disappoint on that front. The phone gets the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip — currently the fastest processor available for Android smartphones. The top-end variant of the phone is expected to ship with a colossal 18GB of RAM and will offer 512GB of internal storage. While not confirmed yet, this top-end variant could be marketed as the Lenovo Legion Y90 Pro.

The rest of the specs include a large 6.92-inch AMOLED panel that supports a 144Hz refresh rate and a 720Hz (that’s not a typo) touch sampling rate. The phone is also expected to feature a massive 5,500mAh battery that will support 68-watt fast charging. To aid its gaming capabilities, the phone gets dual X-axis vibration motors and dual USB-C ports that will let you charge the phone during gameplay.

Who will get it?

Previous reports indicated that Lenovo intended to launch the Legion Y90 in the first week of January 2022. That hasn’t happened, and there has been no word lately on this front. As was the case with previous Lenovo Legion phones, there is very little chance of this one making it to the U.S.

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