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Lenovo’s third-gen Tab M10 Plus can go 12 hours on a charge

Android tablets tend to get lost in the crowd. There’s a ton of them, they all look vaguely similar, and even the best usually end up playing second fiddle to iPads. However, where Apple’s ubiquitous devices are undeniably polished, if you’re looking for innovation, Android is where it’s at. Few companies are as capable of going head-to-head with Apple tablets as Lenovo.

A few years back, I got a chance to use their crazy X1 Fold, which, while not quite my cup of tea, was nonetheless an astounding device. The third-generation Lenovo Tab M10 Plus isn’t nearly so radical, but it nonetheless manages to stand out from the Android crowd.

The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold.
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 fold

This is a big tablet, featuring a 10.61-inch 2K IPS LCD display with 400 nits of brightness and slim bezels that maximize the display area while minimizing the overall size of the tablet. It’s ideal for streaming movies and shows, particularly given its impressive quad speakers with Dolby Atmos. With its lengthy 12-hour battery life, the M10 Plus would be the perfect tablet for binge-watching the extended editions of all three Lord of the Rings films in a row.

Practically speaking, that long battery life should easily get you through a full day at work, and its large, high -es screen is ideal for artistic work or note-taking, particularly given its compatibility with the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 (sold separately) and the built-in Lenovo Instant Memo app. The M10 Plus also has an optimized reading mode, as well an optional folio case, and features TÜV-certified low blue light to reduce eye strain. It runs Android 12, and features up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage capacity.

Tablets occupy an interesting niche in the current market, particularly stand-alone tablets like the M10 Plus. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and smartphones can be nearly the size of tablets (hence the term “phablets’). Alternatively, you could always go with a 2-in-1 device instead that folds from a tablet to a laptop and back. The question is, who needs a device that’s just a tablet?

To use a personal example, I recently purchased a sixth-generation iPad Mini primarily to use for flying drones, and also for controlling other cameras and connected devices. Such tasks can be a challenge to accomplish on smaller screens, even those of larger phones. With a larger tablet like this, fine touchscreen control of complicated tasks is possible.

The iPad Mini 6 and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Jeremy Bezanger/Unsplash

Tablets are also great for artists when used in combination with a connected stylus, as well as for on-the-go media consumption. It’s also worth noting that if you don’t use a larger phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and instead have something with a very small screen like the iPhone 13 Mini, then owning a tablet makes a whole lot more sense.

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) is expected to be available starting in June 2022, and will have a starting price of $190. It features two color options, Frost Blue and Storm Gray.

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