LG launches pocket-sized photo printer


Have you ever had the desire to print photos while on the road, creating a physical scrapbook as you go? Okay, so maybe you haven’t, but just in case, LG has figured it out for you. The LG Pocket Photo Smart is a super portable wireless printer that can fit in the palm of your hand. It is able to sync up to any Android or iOS device – just download the accompanying LG app first – and you can turn out 2×3-inch prints of your favorite travel memories.

The app even lets you make simple photo edits before printing and, for reasons we’re not entirely sure of, stamp QR codes onto them.

What’s most impressive about this device, aside from its size, is that it requires absolutely no ink cartridges. Instead, you load the printer with paper from ZINK, a company that creates special paper with the color built-in, so to speak. As the paper is heated up by the Pocket Photo Smart, it activates the color embedded within the paper. It’s pretty ingenious, really.

We can see some benefits to having a photo printer to take on-the-go. Visiting grandparents and leaving behind tangible photo memories of the trip without having to mail them later is appealing.

But ultimately, it may not be best to look at this as a travel printer, but rather a space-saving contraption. Take, for example, the uber-compact apartments that flood cities like NYC. Anything to save space is welcome, so this would be perfect. The fact that you could then easily take it with you on your next trip is just an added bonus.

For now, the printer is available only in the UK, and retails for around $200. Whether it makes its debut in the U.S. will likely depend on its success across the pond.

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