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Something to look forward to: LG’s got a sequel to the V10 coming soon

LG V10
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
Hidden away in the depths of its latest earnings report, LG let something slip about a new smartphone, and it’s exciting news. Whilst discussing the performance of its mobile division, LG states that, “The launch of the new V series and expanding sales of mass-tier K and X series models are expected to improve the business unit’s performance next quarter.” It doesn’t get much clearer. We’re to expect a sequel to the V10 in the near future.

The LG V10 is perhaps the company’s best phone of recent times. A strong body, gorgeous screen, amazing camera, and an unusual design set it apart from other large smartphones. It sold well, with 450,000 of them shipping in the first 45 days it was on sale at the close of 2015. Since then, it has been overshadowed by the LG G5, which despite its radical modular design, hasn’t captured attention in the way LG wanted. A new V series phone means a second flagship device for 2016, in the same way Samsung’s Galaxy Note joins the Galaxy S range, and that’s good news for us.

LG’s wording suggests the phone will be announced and on sale before the end of September, if it’s to have an impact on the company’s next earnings report. The IFA technology show in Berlin takes place at the end of August and into the beginning of September, making it the ideal launch pad for the new phone.

Outside of the strong indication it’s coming, we don’t know anything else official about the phone. Will it be called the V11? Or more importantly, will it support LG’s modular Friends? This could be important. More exciting and useful modules are needed to make us choose an LG phone at the moment, and more phones supporting the system may tempt third-parties to make more modules, resulting in higher interest and sales. LG has said more modular phones are coming, so we’ll just have to wait and see if this is one of them.

Expect more to be revealed about the V10 sequel over the coming weeks.

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