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Love the new iOS lock screen? Now, you can watch MLB at Bat videos from it, too

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Frank Romeo/123RF
True sports fan? Then you know that in the heat of the moment, you don’t have time to unlock your phone. You need updates now, and that means being able to check out scores, news, and yes, even videos, all without having to press your thumb to the home button or enter your PIN. And now, MLB at Bat is here to oblige. Taking advantage of iOS 10’s brand new lock screen, a new update to the app allows baseball super fans to watch highlights from their lock screens.

Don’t get too excited, though. To be fair, you have to 3D touch a notification and unlock the phone in order to watch the video, but you don’t technically have to push any buttons. That’s a plus, right?

It’s the latest in an alert Apple has dubbed “Advanced Notifications,” in which “3D Touch on Notifications provides users with access to media attachments and live content.” And while At Bat isn’t the only app to be using Advanced Notifications, its certainly taking advantage of it more than just about anyone else. Or maybe we only think that because we really, really want to get our baseball highlight reels, and fast.

In essence, having Advanced Notifications as part of an app ensures that you never have to open the actual app ever again — after all, with this new update from At Bat, you can literally check scores and news at a glance. A word of warning, however — if you do want that nifty video feature, you have to be a paid subscriber of the MLB At Bat app.

It’ll be interesting to see how other applications begin to make use of Advanced Notifications, creating a user experience that’s more efficient than ever. Because really, why ever unlock your phone if you don’t have to?

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