Martian Notifier smartwatch gets iOS 8 support, and new screen tap feature

Martian Notifier Watch review full color 1

The Martian Notifier, a smartwatch which doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, has been treated to a double update. The watch’s latest firmware introduces iOS 8 support for the iPhone, plus a selection of new features which are activated by version 1.74 of the matching app. Android users haven’t been left out, and version 1.85 is also ready for download from Google Play.

Installing the new watch firmware can be done using your computer, after grabbing the file from Martian’s support pages, but doesn’t seem to be available over the air at the time of writing. There are two primary additions to the watch. The first is a new screen tap function, where if you miss an incoming notification, a tap of the watch face within five minutes will see it scroll across the OLED display again. It’s fast too, with the Martian Notifier instantly recognizing the tap.

The second new feature is strangely specific. There’s now the option to make any numbers scrolling across the screen appear in bold, making them easier to view outside. Martian says it’s ideal for use with fitness apps, when the mini display may be awkward to read when running. Further new features include extra emojis, new default vibration patterns for certain standard apps, and a few bug fixes.

All these functions are supported by the new apps, which also receive Japanese, Chinese, and German translations, and an enhanced weather forecast. Finally, Martian promise the app won’t drain so much energy from your phone’s battery. Both app updates can be applied now, and you can visit Martian’s website to download the new firmware. It’s an easy installation, and the process should take less than five minutes.