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Bumper Microsoft event with new Surface and Lumia hardware rumored for October

Microsoft will hold a bumper event on October 6, where it has ‘some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices,’ according to the official teaser page. The confirmation follows several rumors about the gathering, which included hints it’s going to be packed full of new hardware announcements, including the long-expected new Lumia smartphones, the Surface Pro 4 tablet, and even a sequel to the Microsoft Band fitness wearable. What’s more, the rumors also say Microsoft has a few surprises in store.

Updated on 09-21-2015 by Andy Boxall: Added in Microsoft’s official confirmation of an October event

Microsoft October 6 Event

Following the introduction of Windows 10 and the expected arrival of the new mobile version, Microsoft is likely to concentrate on its Lumia and Surface hardware at the event, according to rumors from Chinese website WPDang, and The Verge. Microsoft is saying nothing other than it’ll be Windows 10 devices on display on October 6, but we’ve got some good ideas about what we could see.

We’ve been hearing rumors about a Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL for a while, and specifications for both devices have been leaked, but the design is still a mystery. Microsoft hasn’t released any flagship Lumia-branded phones since taking over Nokia’s Devices Division, but has launched a stream of mid-range devices.

The Surface Pro 4 has also been mentioned in previous rumors, but not in much detail, although there have been reports production was gearing up for an October launch — adding weight to these latest stories. The mobile products may be joined by the Microsoft Band 2, the follow-up to the original Band, which didn’t attract the most positive reviews. A set of leaked renders hint the new model may have a curved screen and a more stylish design.

How about those surprises? An intriguing rumor about a Surface smartphone seems to fit in well with the October event theme, and would make it a highly mobile-centric gathering. However, exactly how a Surface phone would sit alongside Microsoft’s Lumia-branded phones isn’t clear. There’s no doubt its arrival would be a surprise, though. Additionally, The Verge mentions the possibility of “additional Surface hardware” at the event, which also ties in with talk of the phone. Plus, although the project was cancelled by Microsoft last year, there’s an outside chance the Surface Mini tablet may rise from the dead.

Microsoft has posted news about its October event on Twitter and Facebook, plus has stated it’ll live stream the proceedings for everyone to enjoy. We’ll keep you updated on all the developments in the meantime.

Article originally published on 08-21-2015

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