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Protect your phone with the ultra-slim Limitless line from Mous

Mous Limitless Launch - Phone Cases With Airo Shock Protection
There’s no limit to the amount of abuse we subject our smartphones to, so shouldn’t their protective cases should be limitless as well? Luckily, Mous has recently released a new line of iPhone cases that make use of Airo Shock, described as “an advanced smart-material engineered to offer the ultimate protection.” The Limitless collection is a group of iPhone cases designed to protect your phone, whether your it slips out of your pocket onto the concrete, or from a few stories above the ground.

Promising military-grade protection in materials like black marble, bamboo, leather, and kevlar, the Limitless line from Mous doesn’t sacrifice form for function. Despite its protective powers, Limitless cases are still ultra-slim, as their Airo Shock technology “utilizes a revolutionary air pocket structure to absorb impact from up to 45 feet without adding any bulk.” As Mous explains on its Indiegogo page, Airo Shock involves “injecting the material with micro crystals that turn into micro air pockets at high temperatures.” These little air pockets then serve as tiny springs that mitigate the impact of a fall. Apparently, the case remains effective even if you drop your iPhone face down.

Adding just 2mm to the thickness of your phone, the Limitless cases are also quite the fashion statement. Customers can choose from multiple backing material, and because the case fits both the iPhone 6 and newly released 7, your case ought to be useful for quite some time to come.

All Limitless cases also come embedded with a steel plate, allowing for magnetic mounting, which means you can stick your phone on your mirror, stand it up on your desk, or attach it to your fridge. Because we understand — phone separation anxiety is hard.

Currently, Mous is offering a Limitless case on Indiegogo for 50 percent off, which means you can own one of these super slim, super protective cases for $29. Delivery is expected by December 2016 for 6/6S/7 cases, and January 2017 for 6+/6S+/7+ cases.

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