Nokia may introduce Lumia 925 in London (with 41-megapixel camera)

zs6USPTSZwCheck out our review of Nokia Lumia 925 smart phone.

Nokia is doing everything it can to climb back up to the top of the mobile industry. There’s talk about it introducing array cameras, which allow you to take photos now and select your point of focus later, into its Lumia line of phones. And the Lumia 928 flagship device is finally launching exclusively with Verizon this week.

And now, according to @evleaks, it looks like the mobile manufacturer is ready release yet another new smartphone, this one built with an all-metal body. Evleaks posted an image of the supposed new phone, the Lumia 925, today on Twitter.

There aren’t many details about the phone but, as today’s leak revealed it will run on Windows Phone 8, and we even hear that it will rock a 41-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Nokia will hold a press conference in just a few hours (5am ET) in London. We’ll post more details as soon as we hear them.