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Nomad is making the AirPower wireless charger Apple couldn’t — almost

Apple may have not shipped the AirPower charger (yet), but it still had wireless charging fans dreaming of the day they could use a single, sleek wireless charging mat for all their devices at once. While that dream has yet to become a reality, we’re one step closer with the new Nomad Base Station Pro, which offers omnidirectional wireless charging for up to three devices simultaneously.

Nomad Base Station Pro

Of course, while the Nomad Base Station Pro is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t completely capture the dream of AirPower just yet. Notably, the charger doesn’t support the Apple Watch, due to the fact that the Apple doesn’t charge through a standard Qi implementation. You also won’t get the same software features that Apple showed off when it unveiled the AirPower in 2017.

Still, for those who don’t have an Apple Watch, or don’t mind that they can’t use it with the Base Station Pro, this might be the way to go. The Base Station Pro supports up to three devices at once — so you could charge your phone and AirPods or Galaxy Buds Live, and still have an extra spot available.

Nomad Base Station Pro

The Base Station Pro is able to deliver that omnidirectional charging experience through Aira’s FreePower wireless technology, which allows the charging mat to work no matter where you place your device. Traditional charging mats require the user to precisely place their device in order to charge properly.

“We believe that customers and businesses will find Base Station Pro to be a wireless charging experience in a class of its own.” said Noah Dentzel, co-founder of Nomad, in a press release. “We pride ourselves on products that pioneer, and this launch in partnership with Aira is sure to elevate the game.”

AirPower has been making more headlines of late. Notably, some rumors indicate that Apple may have revived the project, and may even announce it alongside the iPhone 12 in September. Not only that, but prototypes of AirPower have also leaked, showing just how complex the device is.

The Base Station Pro may be high-tech, and that comes at a steep price. You’ll have to shell out $229 to get one for yourself. It’s now available straight from the Nomad website.

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