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Cringe your way through this Valentine’s Day ad for the OnePlus 3T

Who do you love?
The OnePlus 3T is an awesome phone. But would you lick it? That’s right. We said lick. In a new Valentine’s Day-themed promotional video for the 3T, OnePlus shows quite a few people doing exactly that, and it’s as weird as it sounds.

It opens with men and women, filmed in black and white, each describing their feelings for a significant other. Or at least, that’s what we’re supposed to assume. “You’re an absolute beast,” says one woman, “Encased in a beautiful body.” “Only I can turn you on,” a guy says, suggestively, and we cut to a woman giggling, who soon adds, “You just don’t quit! All night, and the next day.”

Who, or more accurately, what could they all be talking about? It’s the OnePlus 3T, of course, and each lascivious statement is really describing the strengths of the device. Plenty of power, a great looking metal body, and a fast charging system. The ad isn’t over though, and now it’s time for something really weird, because the rest of the spot shows everyone licking their phones, mostly in not-so-glorious close-up. Add the sultry music and intimate detail, and you’ve got a phone ad that could have been produced by Brazzers.

In return for all the cringing, OnePlus does have a solid offer available for Valentine’s Day. If you buy a OnePlus 3T between now and February 16, you get 40 percent off a “True Love Bundle” consisting of a case and a pair of OnePlus V2 Bullets in-ear headphones. This reduces the $40 price tag down to $24. Additionally, you can enter a competition to win a pair of personalized OnePlus 3T phones through the main OnePlus site here.

A quick word of warning for any impressionable phone owners watching OnePlus’s video. It’s probably not the best idea to lick your own smartphone this Valentine’s Day, unless you give it a really good wash beforehand — and after.

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