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Wearable Reviews

wyze watch review leader03

Wyze Watch Review: A $20 smartwatch with faulty connections

The Wyze Watch is a $20 smartwatch that punches above its weight class, but connectivity issues plague the watch, dragging the whole experience down.
amazfit t rex pro review pocket

Amazfit T-Rex Pro review: Far from extinct, but struggling to evolve

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro looks the same as the old T-Rex smartwatch, but has been treated to a few hardware upgrades. Is this enough to make it worth buying?
skagen jorn hybrid hr review wrist up

Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR review: Not quite a winning combination of watch and tech

The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch goes beyond being a simple hybrid watch, but stops short of being a full touchscreen watch. Is it the perfect mix?
garmin lily review wrist

Garmin Lily review: Fashionable fitness watch with a few shortcomings

In a world of masculine watches, the feminine Garmin Lily is a breath of fresh air with its petite size and pretty colors, but some missing features hurt it.
apple fitness plus review screenshot trainers3

Apple Fitness Plus Review: Rough around the edges, but has potential

Apple Fitness+ encourages you to stay fit with punchy workouts from enthusiastic trainers. You do need an Apple Watch, which can be a deal breaker for some.
amazfit gtr 2e smartwatch review wrist shirt

Amazfit GTR 2e review: All the good (and bad) from the GTR 2, for less money

Amazfit's GTR 2e fitness-focused smartwatch has all the good things about the existing GTR 2, but costs less. Should you look at this model instead?
The Wyze Robot Vacuum cleaning the floor.

Wyze Robot Vacuum review: Efficiency without the pricey cost

The Wyze Robot Vacuum packs efficient cleaning and smart mapping into a $250 package, but its value proposition will improve when more features are added.
citizen cz smart smartwatch review wrist shirt

Citizen CZ Smart review: Good smartwatch fails to capitalize on its heritage

The Citizen CZ Smart is the first smartwatch from the long-established Japanese watchmaker, but does that make it a true Citizen watch? We've found out.
Amazon Halo Fitness Band

Amazon Halo review: Affordable but questionable fitness band

Amazon's affordable Halo fitness band offers unique features not seen on other fitness wearables, but some of these metrics raise serious privacy concerns.
Mirror Fitness Home Gym Display

Mirror review: Connected fitness for any experience level

The Mirror by Lululemon will make you break a sweat trying to stay in shape at home with its diverse range of workout classes that'll keep you challenged.
fossil gen 5e review wrist pocket

Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch review: Just a little too ordinary for its own good

Fossil knows how to design a good-looking smartwatch, which is proven by the reasonably priced Fossil Gen 5E, but does the lack of up-to-date hardware hurt it?
samsung galaxy fit 2 review wrist bike

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Review: Simple, honest, and good value

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 costs just $60, and although it's not for the serious fitness fanatic, it's very tempting for the rest of us.
amazfit gtr 2 review pocket

Amazfit GTR 2 review: A great value smartwatch with a classy design

Just $179 buys you the Amazfit GTR 2, which boasts much-needed improvements made to the software.
apple watch series 5 review hero

Apple Watch Series 5 review: A near-perfect smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 5 is close to perfection. It has a design that's becoming timeless, and a feature list so long, it'll take weeks to explore everything.
mobvoi ticwatch 3 pro review star face pocket

Mobvoi TicWatch 3 Pro review: Swift performance, seriously long battery life

What the TicWatch 3 Pro loses on style points, it makes up for with cutting-edge hardware, resulting in plenty of performance and excellent battery life.
apple watch series 6 review pocket

Apple Watch Series 6 review: The best, most feature-rich smartwatch you can buy

The Apple Watch Series 6 is the most complete smartwatch you can buy, and with the latest software and processor it's a real powerhouse too. Here's our review.
Apple Watch SE being worn on a wrist while the person's hand is in their pocket.

Apple Watch SE review: The best Apple Watch for most people

How does Apple improve on its already brilliant smartwatch? By launching the Apple Watch SE, which has almost everything we want at a lower price.
diesel on fadelite mad dog jones smartwatch review mdj wrist

Diesel On Fadelite X Mad Dog Jones review: The smartwatch your heart will want

The Diesel On Fadelite X Mad Dog Jones limited-edition smartwatch has a unique, eye-catching design that makes you want to wear it, but should you buy one?
garmin venu sq review in hand

Garmin Venu Sq review: The top name in fitness, now at $199

Everyone knows Garmin makes smartwatches for serious athletes, but the Venu Sq brings great health tracking to a more approachable design — and price.
withings scanwatch review face close

Withings ScanWatch Review: In-depth health tracking, day and night

The long list of health-tracking abilities is only part of the Withings ScanWatch's appeal. All are easy to use, while the design is effortlessly classy.
sennheiser mke 200 review 12

Sennheiser MKE 200 microphone review: A nearly idiot-proof mic

The tiny Sennheiser MKE 200 is an easy-to-use directional mic that can dramatically improve audio.
player using Razer BlackShark headset

Razer BlackShark V2 Review: Premium headset, nice price

The Razer BlackShark V2 has great sound for a moderately priced gaming headset.
samsung galaxy watch 3 review pocket

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: The (other) smartwatch you should buy

If you own an Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 should be at the top of your smartwatch shopping list. It's expensive, but worth it.
casio g shock gwf a1000 frogman review pocket

Casio GWF-A1000 Frogman review: A worthy dive watch

Casio continues to add Bluetooth functionality to its watches, with the latest being the Frogman GWF-A1000. Joining the connected features is a new analog look.
mobvoi ticwatch c2 plus review wrist front

Mobvoi TicWatch C2 Plus Review: Powered up and ready for 2020

Yes, the TicWatch C2 Plus looks the same as the old C2 on the outside, but a power upgrade ensures it's capable of competing with other smartwatches in 2020.
garmin vector 3 review pedals 8

Garmin Vector 3 smart pedals review: Data to make your head spin

These Vector 3 pedals bring an amazing amount of accurate information to riders in a neat and easy-to-use package backed by Garmin's strong reputation.
skagen falster 3 x by kygo review face

Skagen Falster 3 X By Kygo Review: Scandinavian stealth

This special-edition Skagen Falster 3 smartwatch is a collaboration with Danish DJ Kygo, and is a cool, stealthy take on the already superb-looking Falster 3.
loupedeck creative tool review ct 2988

Loupedeck’s Creative Tool makes photo editing feel like a video game

The Loupedeck Creative Tool combines physical and touch controls for a fun, intuitive take on photo and video editing that will excite your inner child.
moto 360 2020 smartwatch review front

Moto 360 review: Classic smartwatch, stunning new design

This is the new Moto 360. Just don't get it confused with that round Motorola smartwatch of the same name from 2015, as this little beauty is bang up to date.
garmin quatix 6 review img 1728

Garmin Quatix 6 Review: So much more than a boat watch

The Garmin Quatix 6 has all the same functionality of the Fenix 6 Pro, with a different look that’s just as classy on a boat as it is on the trail or the gym.
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with open door

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review: Serious security

If installing a smart lock intimidates you, then the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a good choice. It's incredibly easy to install, but doesn't skimp on features.
tag heuer connected 2020 smartwatch review 02 face

Tag Heuer Connected (2020) review: Go on, indulge yourself

The Tag Heuer Connected is a $1,800 luxury smartwatch that's all-too-easy to fall in love with due to the refined design, quality, and good battery life.
garmin vivimove style review smart timeless quirky vivoactive 28

Garmin Vivomove Style Review: Smart, timeless, quirky

The Vivomove Style fits an ample amount of technology and fitness-tracking ability into one of the most subtle and unassuming packages that's available today.
garmin venu review 13

Garmin Venu Review: Sporty everyday

The Venu has a solid list of features that will cater to the vast majority of people who are fitness followers, but not fanatics.