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Scared of breaking your phone? Samsung offers an extended warranty program — for a price

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
No matter how well we take care of our smartphones, accidents still happen. While your brand new smartphone may come with a warranty, reading the fine print reveals that accidental damage is not covered. Even though there are multiple phone insurance services out there, including ones from your carrier, Samsung brought a new option to the table with its Protection Plus Mobile Elite extended warranty program.

The program covers all kinds of accidental damage, which can include drops, spills, and cracked screens. It also covers any electrical and mechanical failures, as well as other issues that might crop up. Samsung guarantees that if you break your device, it will be replaced in two business days or less. You can even file up to three claims over the two-year period.

Samsung Protection

However, the price of the extended warranty program could make people pause — it isn’t exactly cheap. For Galaxy S users, the program costs $100, while Galaxy Note users will have to cough up $130. In addition, you’ll need to pay a service fee of $75 or $95, respectively.

Currently, the extended warranty program is only available for the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S4. If you decide to pay for the program, you’ll have to wait 15 days for the warranty to go into effect. Make sure you don’t break your phone before then.

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