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No surprise as Samsung gives Gear 2 $295 price tag, a whole $5 cheaper than the Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 main

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According to a report in the Korea Herald, Samsung has confirmed the price of its new Gear 2 smartwatch, and it’s going to cost $295. This has apparently been verified by unnamed Samsung officials. Additionally, the Gear Fit has also been given its official cost, and it’s going to be $197, although we’d expect this to end up being $199.

The Gear 2 is Samsung’s Galaxy Gear replacement, a device deemed by most, including Samsung to be too ugly and too expensive. Provided the $295 price tag is correct, the Gear 2 will be a whole $5 cheaper than the Galaxy Gear, a figure we doubt will sway anyone who was put off purchasing one before.

However, Samsung also announced the Gear 2 Neo, a model which doesn’t come with a camera, and therefore will be cheaper still. Sadly, a price hasn’t been provided for it yet, although we’d guess it’ll end up being $250, thus slotting in-between the Gear 2 and the Gear Fit. This puts it squarely in competition with the Pebble Steel.

Samsung may have the mainstream premium smartwatch market almost to itself at the moment, but this will change as 2014 progresses, mainly thanks to Google’s Android Wear. The new operating system is specifically designed for wearable devices, and will debut during the summer on the extremely cool-looking Moto 360, and the more traditional LG G Watch.

While Samsung is a supporter of Android Wear, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches run Tizen, the much-delayed software collaboration between it and Intel. Existing Android apps can be adapted for use with Android Wear, and Google has already released a software development kit to encourage quick conversions. Samsung must persuade developers to support Tizen, a feat made even more difficult now.

The Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo will go on sale April 11, alongside the Galaxy S5 smartphone. Retailers and networks in the U.S. haven’t confirmed these prices, or announced any packages which include both the phone and a watch. Success is almost certain for the phone, but only time will tell if the new smartwatches fare any better than the last.

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