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How to scan a QR code on your Samsung phone or tablet

Whether you're out shopping and want to pay digitally, or you want to download an app, scanning QR codes can be a handy feature to have in your Samsung smartphone or tablet. Fortunately, most Samsung phones and tablets come with a built-in QR code scanner, so you don't need to download any extra apps. However, if you're having trouble using the native scanning feature, downloading one of the free QR code scanning apps can help. We'll offer you tips for both using the built-in scanner as well downloading high-quality scanner apps for free.




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What You Need

  • Samsung device

Here are the steps you can follow to use the built-in QR code scanner in your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

all the s pen features on galaxy note 9 bixby vision
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Scan QR code through Bixby

You can scan any QR code by using Samsung's voice assistant Bixby. Here's how.

Step 1: Open Camera.

Step 2: Select Bixby Vision.

Step 3: Scan the QR code with your camera.

Scan QR code through the menu

If you don't have enough time to open your camera and find the Bixby Vision feature, there's an easier way to scan a QR code right in your phone's pull-down menu at the top.

Step 1: Swipe down on your screen to open the quick access menu at the top.

Step 2: Click on QR Scanner.

Step 3: Scan the QR code with the camera app that will open automatically.

Scan QR code through Google Lens

If you're struggling to use Samsung's native QR code scanner, take the help of Google Lens, which is an image recognition feature developed by Google. It is free to use and will instantly scan any QR codes when you point your camera at them.

Here's how you can scan QR codes on your Samsung smartphone or tablet using Google Lens.

Step 1: Download the Google Lens app.

Step 2: Point the camera at the barcode, and the app will automatically scan it.

Step 3: You can also use Google Lens by launching Google Assistant and tapping the Google Lens icon.

Google lens icon on Google Assistant.

Scan QR code through apps

If you want an easy, no-nonsense way to scan QR codes, consider downloading free scanner apps to make the job easier for you. Here are the best options to choose from:

  1. Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader and Scanner
  2. NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner
  3. QR & Barcode Scanner – Gamma Play

Here are some steps you can follow to scan QR codes with apps.

Step 1: Download a QR code scanning app from the Google Play Store.

QR Code Reader & QR Scanner.

Step 2: Open the app and give all the necessary permissions.

Step 3: Point your phone at the QR code and let the app scan it.

A QR code opens a digital restaurant menu
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When to use a QR code scanner

QR code scanners are useful in various situations. Nowadays, you can make instant payments by scanning a QR code with your digital wallet app. You can also visit a website and shop for products directly by scanning a QR code. Advertisers have started using this technique to build audience interest and make it easy for potential customers to find them in one click.

QR codes can also be used for logins, as you must have seen when opening WhatsApp Web. Many sites use QR codes for authentication or as a 2-step verification passkey.

Whether you are shopping at a fashion retailer or browsing a secure website, you will find QR codes everywhere, and having a QR code scanner on your phone will be helpful in many ways.

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