Shazam: iOS update brings Pulse discovery feature, new-look tab bar and more

shazamThe folks behind Shazam, the clever music ID app that helps you discover what that catchy tune is, on Monday rolled out another update – albeit a modest one – to its iOS offering.

Possibly of most interest will be Shazam Pulse, a new music-discovery feature that enables you to find new tunes by exploring the music being tagged by other users of the app in real-time.

Version 6.1 for iPhone also introduces a new-look tab bar bringing Settings to the top left of the home screen. The bar will also show a notification when a Friend tags, and chart updates will be indicated too.

iPad users can now expect improved stability in the Friends feed, and can now more easily delete tags from Favorites (tap edit then select tags).

The update follows in the footsteps of some more significant changes to the app in recent months, which saw the rollout of a universal iPad/iPhone version, bringing with it, for example, a new discovery home screen, a revamped layout for tag results, a new way to see what others have been watching and listening to, and a new auto-tagging feature.

London-based Shazam, which launched in 1999, announced in February that the service’s user base had hit the 300-million mark.

Available across multiple platforms, Shazam is a free ad-supported app, though users can do away with them by switching to Shazam Encore for $6.99.

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