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Skyline allows you to turn any location into your phone’s background

Looking for a unique new wallpaper for your Android smartphone? The new Skyline app may be just what you need. This app allows users to turn their current location, or any other location, into their phone’s wallpaper.

The app was created by developer Justin Fincher and combines satellite imagery and aerial photos to build interactive images that can then be used as your phone’s wallpaper. When sliding between pages on your smartphone, the image will shift a bit. It also moves when the smartphone is rotated.

It looks impressive, but using Skyline is easy. The app can determine your location through your phone’s GPS service, so you’ll have no trouble setting it up. Some people might be wondering if the app is worth it if their current location is visually uninteresting. After all, a small apartment complex is hardly the most interesting imagery to see everytime you turn on your phone. Fortunately, Skyline allows you to choose from any location in the world in order to create a unique and interesting background

Those users on Android Oreo 8.1 will have access to one other cool feature. The app will automatically change the color of your phone’s menu screen in order to better match your background. It is not a huge feature, but it does help to keep things looking good.

Skyline can be found on the Google Play Store for $2. Fincher has said that he intends to improve the app as time goes on. His current goal is to create a feature that will allow Skyline to change your phone’s wallpaper to automatically match your current location. This could prove to be an interesting little feature that ensures your phone’s background never gets old. Fincher has also said he has other features planned in the future.

One of the big advantages about Android phones is how easy it is to customize the experience and that isn’t limited to the wallpaper. If you want to change your phone’s launcher, you can do that. You can also change the phone’s widgets making it more functional and pleasing to look at.

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